fashion trends for summer

The fashion trends of summer 2019 are inspired by the 70s!

Here are the 10 dresses that absolutely cannot miss in the summer wardrobe!

Style that has depopulated the catwalks of the latest fashion week. Everything recalls Woodstock’s old photographs: bright colors, floral prints, wedges and fringes at will, icons and symbols of those years reinterpreted in a modern key, especially in accessories.

Also in fashion is the physical law of Lavoisier “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, and everything is transformed”!

1) Tut (t) and one-piece: dungarees and jumpsuits

fashion trends for summer fashion trends for summer

If thinking about dungarees only pregnant women or small children come to mind, you will have to change your mind. It’s been a couple of years now that this garment is back in vogue and has been declined in a myriad of variations: from classic ones in denim, to more aggressive ones in eco-leather to the more romantic ones in suede with delicate floral prints . Long or short, the overalls are ideal to combine with basic or crop tops. The same concept is also taken up by the so-called jumpsuits, generally in much softer and enveloping fabrics such as cotton and linen, which represent an excellent anti-alpha solution. These are clothes that can be easily found in all low-cost chain stores like Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear.

2) Bell-bottom trousers

fashion trends for summer fashion trends for summer fashion trends for summer fashion trends for summer

The dictates of fashion are always very clear and this summer they want rigorously bell-bottom trousers. The jeans are tight on the thigh and extra-wide at the ankle, so wide that the shoe is barely visible. The trousers, on the other hand, is the classic palace model, in soft fabric with exuberant and super colorful patterns. The high life is a must, even if only for the prodigious “stretching” effect it has on the leg. Combining them with a high and sturdy heel or a wedge will give a few centimeters more.

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3) Gladiator sandals

fashion trends for summer

Sensual and slightly provocative, just for real fighters! Gladiator sandals are among the oldest fashionable fetishes that still exist. They are not suitable for all as they cage the whole calf and require a slender and toned leg. The models seen on the catwalks are not only flat but also equipped with vertiginous heels and plateaus for the evening, often studded with studs and metal inserts.

4) A blaze of polka dots

fashion trends for summer

This year has been brought to the fore by Dolce & Gabbana, but in reality the polka dot pattern is among the classics tested for decades and has very ancient origins as it descends from the Bohemian folk tradition. With its unquestionably retro allure it lends itself to many types of physicality. The curvy ones can opt for a beautiful American-style dress with flared skirt to emphasize the waistline and generous curves. The combination with other fantasies such as the lines (and why not, even the floral) if well balanced, can create an unexpected harmony of proportions.

5) Rain is fringing!

fashion trends for summer

Suede bags, garments and accessories, better if dyed leather, are a real must-have for this season, and if they are decorated with a blaze of fringes they immediately recall the bohemian and psychedelic style of Woodstock. Of the latest fashion shows we particularly remember the Alberta Ferretti poncho, the Saint Laurent mini-skirt or the iconic mustard-colored satchel bag proposed by Proenza Schouler but the economic variants have already arrived from Zara and H&M.

6) Sneakers: more white you can’t

fashion trends for summer

One of the main trends of this winter continues even in the summer. The sneaker is white and immaculate, of a dazzling white. In addition to the iconic models Adidas, Stan Smith and Superstar, there are decidedly lighter and more breathable variants like the classic ones in canvas: Vans or Converse All Star. Superga instead adds a touch of class to the most famous sneaker in Italy: in fact the models in crochet and broderie anglet are very popular.

7) Paintings, small squares and small squares

fashion trends for summer

Another timeless classic is the vichy checkered pattern, made famous by Brigitte Bardot who in the 1960s stood out on the cover of Elle in a white and pink dress, similar to the one she would wear on her wedding day, launching a never-ending trend on Côte d’Azur and the rest of the world. Benetton proposed shirts in pink and light blue to wear in a classic way or knotted under the breast in a kind of crop top, strictly with high-waisted jeans.

8) “The floral? In spring? Pure avant-garde! “

fashion trends for summer

So stated Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley in the cult movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. Yet every spring the flowers do not bloom only in the meadows and on the trees but also on the clothes! The most popular prints this year are those of tulips, poppies and daisies on a white or otherwise light background. Zara’s proposals almost seem to wink a wink at the famous Flora motif by Gucci.

9) Wedges and clogs

fashion trends for summer

Who said that even during the day we can’t soar over dizzying heights? This year’s wedge is simply exaggerated in height and variations, reaching a height of 12 cm in the para and 3 in the plateau. Great return also for the clogs, that is, the sturdy wooden sandal or sabot heels don’t matter, they are perfect to be worn under maxi dresses or palazzo pants.

10) The total denim look

fashion trends for summer fashion trends for summer fashion trends for summer

Not just overalls. Considered one of the most versatile fabrics in the world, jeans can be superimposed on other jeans, even mixing trousers and a jacket or trousers and a shirt, it doesn’t matter if the styles and washes are different from each other, the denim dresses us this summer on foot. One of the must-haves of the season is also the denim shirt dress to match with a sandal or a pair of sneakers for a casual-chic look.