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10 Invaluable Tips on Choosing the Right Outfit

For the modern man, getting your outfit right is hugely important but not always as easy as it sounds. Read on as we reveal ten invaluable tips for putting together a great-looking outfit.

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All in the Detail

There’s no point spending hundreds on a suit and pennies on your watch and cufflinks. These details are what set you and your outfit apart. Some of these tips will be great to use when heading out on the town to locations like one of the Cheltenham Nightclubs you have been to before for a great night with your friends.  Your bound to have a great time and come back with some stylish pictures to.  You may as well look your best when go out and enjoy every moment.

Keep It Simple

Having said that, too many accessories can seriously ruin your look. Aim to have between one and three accessories, and avoid being too flashy with the jewellery.

Always Take a Friend Shopping

And an honest one at that. Don’t depend on the sales advisor to tell you the truth about how an outfit looks.

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Shoes Matter

Shoes don’t just matter a bit: they matter a lot. And if you’re trying to catch somebody’s eye, you can ruin everything with the wrong shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean, polished, unscuffed, laced up properly and match your outfit. See here for a full guide on choosing the right shoes: https://www.artofmanliness.com/2011/03/01/guide-boots-shoes/.

Avoid Logos/Phrases

When it comes to casual dressing, there’s nothing more off-putting than a man with a huge advertising slogan or ‘funny’ line on their tee. Choose a quality causal t-shirt over one with a logo or phrase.

Choose Timeless or Long-Term Trends over Seasonal Ones

Seasonal trends tend to be risky, especially for men. Long-terms trends such as skinny-fit suits or even timeless styles like the preppy one will generally look better, especially if you’re over 30.

The Right Shirt

A well-fitting shirt, especially mens designer shirts will always be the building block of a great outfit. Make sure it’s ironed.

Be Well Groomed

Use the best shaver/razor you can or, even better, head to a Turkish barber for a proper groom.

Getting the Right Fit

Too tight or too baggy clothes can turn your designer suit into something a scarecrow should be wearing. Find the right fit for your body.

Cultivate Your Own Image

Whilst it’s good to stick to a style, it’s also worth cultivating the rest of your image as you age. Don’t rigidly stick to what you wore in your twenties when you’re in your forties – instead, let your style evolve as you do.

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