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4 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

No matter what your personal aesthetic, there are a few items every woman should have in her closet. Keeping them handy will go a long way toward making you feel confident that you’ll be well-dressed and ready to roll regardless of the occasion. Here are four of our absolutely no negotiations, must-have essential items that no woman’s closet should be without.

1. Little Black Dress

Nothing is as timeless or versatile as the classic little black dress. Popularized by style icon Coco Chanel, no woman should be without one. Keeping one in your closet at all times ensures you’ll be able to attend any last minute event dressed appropriately. They work for a day at the office, a hot date, a cocktail party — heck, you could get away with wearing one to NASCAR depending on how you accessorized. They’re blank slates that allow you to show off your personality while simultaneously looking appropriate for almost any occasion.

2. Perfect Pair of Jeans

Nothing says casual/sexy like a good pair of jeans. They allow you to look attractive without having to put forth too much effort or getting too fancy, and you can literally wear almost anything on top. Invest a little money in a decent brand like Joe’s Jeans or True Religion. That’ll make sure that you’ll have a pair that fits you well and shows off your assets in the best possible way. Plus they last forever.

3. Cute Sneaks

Sneakers! They’re not just for running anymore! With current workplaces trending toward the casual these days, you can afford to insert some comfort into your daily wardrobe. Grabbing a stylish pair of sneakers will keep your feet feeling good and make sure you don’t do your body long-term damage by wearing heels day in and day out. Puma, Sketchers, Superga, even LaCoste make adorable tennis shoes that’ll make you feel comfortable without looking like you’re channeling your high school gym teacher. Get the right pair and you could even wear them with a skirt or dress. The takeaway here is that you can absolutely look fly and not want to cut off your feet at the same time.

4. A Statement Piece

It’s wonderful to have a closet that’s versatile, but you’ll start looking like a drone if all you wear are pieces that go with everything. Every woman has something about her that makes her extra special and unique, and that’s where the statement piece comes in. Could be a huge necklace, a vintage bag, some thigh-high boots or a Yall Need Science shirt–just something that makes people stop and stare. Regardless of your personal taste, no closet is complete without at least one WOW piece.

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