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You are what you wear. When you arrive at a meeting to get your life’s work, there is no second chance to make a good first impression, how you look determines 55% of the success you will achieve.

Image expert Claudia Luna recommends that every day when we dress, we must do so with intention, that is, being clear about how we want to protect ourselves, in order to achieve our objectives, since we are not only what we believe, but we are how we see.

Although this applies to people of both sexes, women tend to get more out of what we wear, so the expert shares five recommendations to conquer in that meeting or appointment that will change our lives.

  1. Define what your style is

There are many styles of dressing; You must search among them and choose which one is similar or adapted to you, understanding that starting from a basic style you can enjoy the influence of other styles. But when you choose one it must be influenced by your personality so that you can defend it. After knowing which one is yours, you should take into account that, depending on the occasion, it is necessary to align that style with the setting and the objective you want to achieve.

  1. Dress with intention

Every morning or every day when dressing ask yourself: how do I want to project myself? Maybe you want to project yourself as intelligent, happy, confident, determined, comfortable, daring, responsible, etc. After knowing how you want others to see you then build your character. If you do this you will be controlling the message you want to send.

  1. Always choose a base piece

Focus your wardrobe on a base piece. Has it happened to you that you want to wear shoes, for example, and after choosing all the pieces you don’t wear those shoes? That piece can be whatever you want, be it lipstick, shoes, a purse, anything … but it will be what you want to wear yes or yes. So, after choosing what your base piece will be, put together your outfit without leaving that initial piece aside. Do you want to wear nail polish that you bought recently? Then do it! And starting from it choose what you will wear.

  1. Combine 60, 30 and 10

This recommendation is not an absolute law, but it creates harmonic combinations if the correct colors are used, that is, if you decide to wear a long skirt with shoes, both pieces of the same color, it would be representing 60%; a blouse with a different color would represent 30%; and touch with another color in lipstick, earrings, a bracelet, or whatever, would represent that other 10%. This percentage division does not have to be specified in these pieces, you can do it as you like by keeping the division of the colors with the correct amounts.

  1. Paint your lips

You may not like makeup, and that’s fine, but if you have a date, a meeting, or any important activity, your face is the first thing that people will see when talking to you, therefore, it is necessary to see yourself on the line of what you want to project. Security, freshness, maturity, strength, daring, whatever you want to project with a suitable makeup you will achieve it.

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