fashion tips

Both at work and during a first date, it can happen that we don’t feel at the top. Here are some fashion tips to turn the tide!

Comfortable and fashionable heels

They make us look taller and longer: heels are an essential part of our wardrobe, an item that gives us femininity and safety … as long as they are comfortable, and make us walk without looking like a dinosaur! Our advice? Opt for sandals or shoes with a square heel to have a fluid and natural movement, without losing balance.

Glasses that reflect our personality

Eyeglasses are the most suitable accessory to make us look serious and professional. Choose them carefully, adapting the frame you like best to the shape of your face!

They give us the feeling of being more mature and self-confident. The idea is not to give the impression of the nerd, but to play on the appearance of the woman “who knows exactly what she wants”. And if you want to simplify your life even more, opt for dynamic lenses, such as the Transitions ones: they adapt to the light and turn into eyeglasses or sunglasses as needed – no more awkward glasses changes every time we change rooms, but a single pair of glasses that suits us perfectly!

A red vamp lipstick

This product has always been a must-have for our beauty cases! Just one touch is enough, and as a girl soap and water, we turn into real femme fatales. But be careful – it is absolutely essential to choose the shade of red that best matches our skin tone, to avoid the mask effect. Ask the perfume shop assistant for advice!

In any case, the red lipstick proves to be an invincible weapon to be instantly more self-confident: just a touch is enough, and we are immediately lionesses!

A fitted coat

Let’s not hide under oversized or super-enveloping coats that suffocate our femininity! Whatever our size, we must be proud of it and show the world how sexy our curves are. Go ahead, then, to a light coat, with a waist belt, waisted and that enhances our waist, to be used as a passepartout garment, combined with a pair of jeans or a sheath dress. Even if for a few seconds you will feel uncomfortable, in no time you will feel beautiful and ready to challenge the world!

A bijou lucky charm

Notice to the skeptics: even if there are several schools of thought that claim that luck doesn’t exist, we want to be easier and believe it, at least for a moment! It must not be a precious jewel: it is enough that it is a necklace, a bracelet, a ring to which you, for whatever reason, are linked – it can be the grandmother’s bracelet with fine pearls, the silver pendant that they gave you at the graduation , or the pendant that your sweetheart has given you for the last anniversary. Of course, bad luck and luck are created: however, it is fun to think that we are protected by an object dear to us!

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