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There are many steps to ensuring your wedding day (or weekend) goes smoothly. Below are five little things any bride and groom should consider doing to eliminate some stress.

1. Prep the Rings.

Not only will the bride’s engagement ring Edmonton be on full display the day of the wedding but so will the rings exchanged during the ceremony. Prior to the big day, consider having the rings cleaned and polished; that way they sparkle just that extra bit in the photos.

2. Print Rehearsal Dinner Menus.

If the rehearsal dinner is at a restaurant, consider making dinner menus for the guests. This way the servers won’t have to explain what meals are available to choose from the restaurant’s menu or what appetizers, drinks, and desserts are included.

3. Create a Bridal Party Timeline.

Rather than spend precious minutes wrangling, texting, and nagging members of the bridal party, the bride and groom should get together to create a printed timeline for everyone. The timeline should include a full breakdown of the wedding day schedule personalized for each person. This way the happy couple can focus on their special day and not worry about where the bridesmaids and groomsmen are.

4. Wash Your Car.

Between airport runs, last-minute fittings, and picking up supplies, cars will be used frequently heading up to the wedding. Getting a nice car wash and detail will make the rides more comfortable and ensure cleanliness for a wedding dress or a very observant grandmother coming into town.

5. Relax.

Although the days leading up to a wedding are very busy, the bride and groom should try to find some time to relax; whether it’s five minutes for meditation or an hour for a bubble bath. Any little bit of relaxation will help the couple get some sleep at night.

The most important thing to remember on the day of your wedding is to take the time to enjoy it.

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