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A Guide to Picking the Best Colour Shirt

Whether you need a new shirt for work or a special occasion, choosing a colour which flatters you is important. Each colour has its own meaning which may work in your favour or leave you wishing you’d have chosen something different. Let’s take a look at which colour will work well for you.

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Keeping it Traditional

It’s always worth having a few staple colours in your shirt collection that are guaranteed to go with everything. A crisp white shirt can make you feel fresh and professional, which is great for making first impressions. Black shirts create a sleek look which makes you seem more enigmatic and comes across as more powerful. If you want to mix it up, go for a grey shirt which is one of the softer and friendlier neutrals.

Going Bold

If you’re going for confidence, red is perfect. It is full of passion and is one of the few colours to have stood the test of time. Pink is another colour which oozes poise. It brings out masculinity – after all not everyone is brave enough to wear it. Wearing orange can emit a cheeky and adventurous feeling which is perfect for creating a lively charm.

Getting in the Mood

The colour you choose can create a specific mood, not only for yourself but for those around you. Those fortunate enough to pull off yellow will notice that it radiates cheer which makes it hard to be in a bad mood. Turquoise is another colour which can change your mood. It is a cool colour which soothes the wearer and has the ability to create a calm yet spirited vibe.

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Buying Guide

Once you have chosen your colour, it’s important that you choose the right fit. Some brands have a range of styles available, such as http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah. With these mens Farah shirts, you can see a brand which offers varying fits and a range of colours, so you can choose what impression you want to give, whether that be to a new employer or for your romantic date.

Making sure that your wardrobe has a stylish collection of shirts for all occasions is a great way to be prepared. You don’t always need to keep it plain and simple, adding a splash of colour will make sure you have something for every mood.


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