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The best shopping anniversary gift

Each year of marriage is a blessing. The more time passes, the more difficult it is to find the perfect anniversary gift, while it becomes more important for us to give something meaningful to our partner. Do you want some ideas of what to do?

Each year of marriage is a blessing. The more time passes, the harder it is to find the perfect gift and the more important it becomes for us to give something meaningful to our partner. Sometimes our partner guesses exactly what we want or gives us something so romantic that we do not want to stay behind and we want to give something much better. It’s the way we tell our partner “thank you” for your loyalty, your company and the love you give us each day.

First anniversary gift ideas

 anniversary gift ideas

Paper, a traditional first anniversary gift, represents the fragility of new relationships, but reminds us that with nutrition it will last a lifetime. Choose a journal or book to represent this timeless feeling. Or, for a more modern take, celebrate your first year of marriage with a new Smart TV that both can enjoy at your next appointment at night.

Second anniversary gift

Everyone loves the softness of a new cotton robe (although it is difficult to get 100 percent cotton these days) or the comfort of a cotton throw, which makes this gift a classic statement. But as a new couple versed in the forms of domesticity, the gift of fine china provides a lasting relic that you can discover, time and time again, for dinners and festive events.

Third anniversary gift

A briefcase or leather watch is a regular gift for a spouse who goes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in an office. But crystal glasses offer a modern twist on a regular gift to match last year’s porcelain set.

Gift ideas for the fourth anniversary

Now come the funny gifts. For example, who does not like a bunch of flowers (the dozen classic roses, for example) or a basket of juicy fruits? However, when you establish yourself in a permanent residence somewhere around your fourth year together, a new device, such as an espresso maker, could be the most practical option.

Fifth anniversary gift ideas

While the gift of wood may seem peculiar to a fifth anniversary, there are many modern gift ideas, such as furniture or a potted tree, that adhere to the classical tradition. However, a new set of cutlery is an excellent silver gift for a wife who loves to cook at home.

A video

You can make a video with the song you danced at your wedding and photos.

A picture of when they met, framed

You can find the oldest photo you have together. You can add the date in the frame.

A letter or a poem

Although it is not much, sometimes we forget to express how we feel. Take this opportunity to express your feelings. You can do it in a creative way. Paste the phrases on the wall and form a heart or you can make a puzzle with the letter and have your husband put it together and put the pieces together. Your creativity and the time you have is the limit.

A map in a box with the places marked where they met, where he proposed marriage, where they were made boyfriends, place of the wedding.

You can put it in your room or in the room. It is a very romantic way to remember the important places in your relationship.

Repeat the first appointment

Repeat what they ate if they went to a restaurant, or go to the same place where they went on their first date.

Organize your workplace or hobby in the house

You can organize where you keep your tools or your things for manual work that you do at home. As well as his office. If your partner likes to paint you can arrange a space where he can do it and equip it with the things he needs. If you do not have an office you can do a small one. Dedicate a space in the house just for him or her.

A romantic night just for both of you

Call your friend or nanny and order your children. Spend an entire romantic night alone with your partner.


You can make him a sweater or a scarf. You could make up a blanket or hats.


Buy tickets to a concert; match your favorite sport, premiere of a movie, or a play. You can have a very funny date on your anniversary.

A day at a spa for both

Prepare to spend a day relaxing with your partner.

A holiday weekend

Buy with time and have reservations in advance and you can have a romantic weekend. Take off your bikini and sunscreen and have a good time on the nearest beach, both alone.


There is always something your partner wants to buy but do not think it is the right time because the budget is tight. This is the time to buy it.

Garment of clothes or shoes

If you notice that something is missing in your partner’s wardrobe. Or you think you want to give him something that you know he would love.


You can give a one-year membership to the gym or your favorite magazine.

Personalized gifts

You can send to record boxes, watches, rings, suitcases with the name of your partner.

Jewelry or accessories

You can always give a bracelet or a necklace. Maybe it’s time for a new watch.

At the end of the day it does not matter how much is spent on the perfect gift or how hard we try, because the most important thing is to be with the person we love, remembering the moment we unite our lives. What do you think?

Finally, the anniversary gift is a tradition that goes back to ancient times. But over the years, gift ideas have evolved to achieve a more modern standard of living. While traditional gifts, such as a leather briefcase for their third anniversary. Or glass lenses for year 15, stick to their old-school roots, many couples choose the gifts best suited to their lifestyle.

 Maybe you want custom gifts for years 1 to 15? Or perhaps you reserve traditional gifts for each five-year milestone? Whether it is a couple that covets the sacred character of the custom. Or one with contemporary taste, an anniversary gift appropriate for a year makes a precious memory.

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