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Autumn-winter 2019 Men’s footwear trends

Historically, shoe shopping has always been seen as an activity most enjoyed by women.

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But new research reported in Fashion Network indicates that men are now spending more than women on shoes. With winter approaching, what are the top trends in footwear that will keep men warm, dry and stylish this season.  With so many shoes and trainers building up in households people are going to need to start investing in Longspan Shelving to store it all on which can be located at links including www.rackzone.ie/pallet-racking/long-span-shelving. This is what most shops will do when selling their shoes to give the customer the best access to them possible.

Bulky trainers

Drawing on the popular 90s grunge look, trainers with a chunky, prevalent sole are bang on trend this coming winter. With many major brands rolling them out in a variety of colours and styles, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your tastes. From a practical perspective, the higher sole will give added protection against those wet weather days – just don’t team them with skinny fit trousers or you could be in danger of looking as if you’re wearing heels!

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Luxury running shoes

The more traditional model of trainer never really went out of fashion, but this year, there has been a focus on ramping up the luxe factor with running style trainers. Rich leathers and decadent suede are just a few of the materials that you can expect to see these trainers come in, so make sure that you protect them well against the elements this winter.

Military style boots

A good pair of boots is a footwear staple during the winter months, and military style boots are a great choice. Keep them buffed up and they will see you through from daytime casual into stylish evening wear, or a cosy, chunky knit.

Bold colours

As the leaves start to change colour, so do our colour choices, but there’s no need to opt for blacks, browns and burgundys this autumn/winter. Major footwear brands are introducing shoes in a range of bold, bright colours and even eye-catching patterns like checks and leopard print. Be brave and embrace some hot colours in the cold months.

Chunky soles

We’ve already seen the rise in chunky soled trainers, but this is a stylish and practical trend working its way across the whole footwear sector. Expect to see boots and shoes with the same effect – a timeless and vintage look that is as comfortable as it is cool. So don’t shy away from those high heeled soles this winter.



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