Do you like backpacks but don’t know when and how to wear them? Discover our style tips

The backpacks are entered in fact among the most popular handbags by women in recent seasons. For too long they have been relegated to the school-university world, but now they are ready to take back an important role in the fashion sector. Thanks to the great international Maison, from Chanel to Valentino, from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana, who have signed extravagant, unique and refined creations in recent years? There are small, medium and large backpacks, but above all the first two formats are the most loved and worn by fashion enthusiasts.

Some are very simple, but the ones that are the most popular are definitely the studded backpacks, with embroidery and other elements that make them unique. Recognizable and practical, you have to wear them with simplicity on several occasions. In this article, we want to reveal our tips on when to wear backpacks and especially how to combine them with style.


When to wear backpacks?

It all depends, of course, on the type of backpack because, you know, each bag is good for different occasions. In this case, the medium-sized backpack and in leather, of any color, it is perfect for free time and also for spending days out of town. The one in canvas, bag model, is ideal for holidays, especially in summer, while in winter you may prefer a model in faux fur or maybe even metallic. If you are going to work, it is certainly better to avoid wearing a too casual backpack, but you can still show off a fashion model or more simply one with a clean and linear shape. If you have business meetings, you prefer a formal folder instead. Backpacks are not recommended for evening outings and ceremonies, unless you are under 14 years old.

How to wear backpacks?

In this case, we face the real issue of matching. Backpacks should be combined with their own clothes and also with their style. Certainly, a black backpack goes almost always well with every look and it is also possible to create real mix and matches: combine a black model with studs to a romantic and floral dress. In fact, unless you are wearing a too formal and rigorous suit or an evening or formal dress. Don’t be afraid, dare and try to wear your beloved backpack, just like you did as a child. We remind you, in fact, that the fashion backpack it must be worn on both shoulders (not on one only!), behind the back and inside insert everything you normally need in a common bag.

As you will have understood, there are many ways to wear and match the most fashionable backpacks of the moment. Apart from a few small prohibitions, you can all show off this cool and refined accessory and look flawless on various occasions. Now all you have to do is experiment!

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