Diamonds have always been the most popular choice for engagement rings. Women from all over the world are proud to display a perfectly cut diamond engagement ring to friends and family. However, diamonds do cost a lot, and there are unique alternatives available that would look just as lovely and be just as meaningful.


Semi-precious stones are gaining a lot of popularity as a setting in an engagement ring. They come in amazing colors and every single stone is unique. Here are some of the semi-precious stones you may want to consider for your engagement ring.

  • It has always been known for its extraordinary beauty and calming abilities. Its lovely purple color that varies from light to darker hues makes for a beautiful engagement ring. History also suggests that the amethyst symbolizes a high level of spirituality and pureness of the heart. An amethyst engagement ring then is more meaningful because the intention of the person presenting it is pure and true. Another notable feature of amethyst is that it is the birthstone of those born in February, which is what we consider the month of love.
  • With its milky color, it is a unique option for an engagement ring, such as those at rainbow moonstone ring. This semi-precious stone signifies passion and is also known to symbolize a woman’s inner strength. If you are given a moonstone as an engagement ring, your partner recognizes this strength and respects it. It is also known for its ability to energize and drive away negativities, an essential element in a stable relationship.
  • It features a lovely shade of green, which is closely associated with nature. The color itself signifies rejuvenation and freshness. As an engagement ring, the emerald has become more of a symbol of indestructible love and unwavering commitment to the other. It is also a symbol of fertility, a promise of a healthy family. Because of its unique qualities and color, the emerald is a beautiful alternative to the diamond.
  • It is a stone with a vibrant red color and is another popular alternative to the diamond engagement ring. It is symbolic of passion and love, and its fiery color shows a display of strength. Because of what it signifies, the garnet is another meaningful semi-precious stone for an engagement ring with a beauty that lasts forever.
  • It comes in various colors, though the darker ones are considered to be more valuable. This gemstone is even more attractive to young brides-to-be, not only for its unique colors but because of what it signifies. It is a symbol of faithfulness and commitment, the two critical factors in a loving relationship. It is also symbolic of creativity, which keeps the relationship renewed each day.

You need not limit your choices when it comes to your engagement ring. You must choose a stone that calls out to you and represents your relationship. Semi-precious stones have their own unique beauty deeper meaning that may be precisely what you are looking for.

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