bicycle photo

Bicycle photo session– Your pre-wedding and post-wedding session will have a different touch, a closer link to nature and a time for relaxation that you will not forget, thanks to your photographer and one of the best means of transportation in the world: the bicycle photo. They cheer up?

The bicycle could be present not only in your day to day with the walks in the park, to burn those extra calories for the benefit of the wedding dress you selected. It will also look great drawn on the marriage cards. As part of the decoration of the place for marriage , as a means of transport for the couple.

And of course, for the pre-wedding and post-wedding session. For a few hours they will ride bicycles in perfect places for photographic frames. Or they will steal a romantic kiss, holding them and having a spectacular sunset in the background. What do you expect to be part of this adventure on two wheels?

Benefits of using a bicycle photo

best bicycle photo

In addition to enjoying the outdoors admiring the landscape, with a special outfit in case of the pre-wedding session. Or with your model of wedding dress , if you are encouraged by the post-wedding report, you will live every moment to the fullest, relax by riding a bicycle, they will take care of the nature when using an ecological means of transport. They will release happiness for all the endorphin that they will release. They will improve their health and they will see everything from a better perspective. Especially, remembering April 19 as the World Bicycle Day.

Photographs on two wheels

There are different models of bicycles photo: there are the mountaineers, the road ones. The vintage style that will remain as a gold engagement ring on the finger for your marriage in the field. The tandem or bicycle for two people, which has two rudders and pedals for each person. Proposals will not be lacking. Choose the bicycles with which you feel more comfortable, talk with your photographer, decide the place, the precise moment. Your outfit and have the best session by bicycle photo. We leave you some ideas to find your best options.

Idea 1: Date of the wedding

Kissing with the wedding date in his hands and as background his bicycle and a spectacular landscape. Or in the middle of a beautiful garden with the flowers that will be part of the bouquet of lime bride. Radiant for their next union and standing next to the bike that will show a sign with a “yes, I want” or a “Me Case – Me too”. These photographs of your pre-wedding will be very well integrated to your Save the date. And thus announce the happy news to all the guests who will soon receive the 2019 marriage cards.

Idea 2: The happiness of colors

If we talk about taking care of the planet and think about using balloons for their photographic report. It is recommended that they be biodegradable. Once they are ready, decide who will hold them, who will pedal and if they will add some detail with their personal touch.

Idea 3: A picnic like no other

Eat, enjoy and drink for your love in this picnic for two and accompanied by their bicycles. Select the ideal space and look for the best pictures!

Idea 4: From the countryside to the city

Stroll through bridges with history in any of our cities, travel along paths full of magical landscapes, rest to watch the twilight in a quiet place, pose in front of the traffic during the change of lights, sit down on some steps and let your bikes rest.

Idea 5: The shadows of love

A good photographer will know how to get the juice out of backlit images, when looking for position, balance and the perfect angle. Dare to try new things mounted on your bikes!

Idea 6: Pet included

Your four-legged friends will be more than happy to enjoy total freedom and be part of the session. If they are small and accustomed they could be sitting in the basket, although they would also look great walking with you and their bicycles like any other pet of any age.

Idea 7: Bicycles for all

The parking lots for bicycles and the places where cyclists ride could be good spaces to get original and fun photographs.

Your before, during and after the wedding will be a great opportunity to surprise your guests with a marriage decoration related to the cycling world, and a wedding cake crowned with a representative drawing of the two, with some of the best moments of your life.