What Are The Black Knee Socks Above The Knee?

Golf – one of the most controversial items of women’s wardrobe. They are worn by schoolgirls, students, athletes, and in some schools, they are an obligatory part of uniforms. High knee socks are especially loved by Japanese designers and fashionistas, and recently this accessory has flashed on world catwalks. Most often, female legs are decorated with black knee socks above the knee, as the safest option, close to the classics. With what to wear this item of fashionable wardrobe to look stylish, but not vulgar?

What Are The Black Knee Socks Above The Knee?

Basic rules and features

Vulgar image with black golf can make only their similarity with stockings. Underwear, garters, belts should not be put on public display, because it looks indecent and inappropriate in public places. That is why stylists do not recommend wearing accessories made of transparent material (nylon, fine, mesh knitwear). A beautiful, openwork knit is acceptable, but only from yarn, wool, acrylic, like winter or warmed autumn variant.

This wardrobe item has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • models above the knee go to almost all girls, with any figure and build;
  • they visually align, lengthen the legs;
  • in combination with dark shoes with heels, high knee-highs will add height, make you slimmer;
  • any image with black golf will be a little flirtatious due to the ajar strip of leather between their upper elastic band and the hem of a skirt or dress;
  • go well with different styles from grunge to romance.

What can I wear with socks at different times of the year?

High black knee socks are relevant at any time of the year, the main thing is to choose the right design and make your perfect look.

In winter

In the winter cold warm knitted knee socks above the knee replace boots, boots, warm your legs, even if you walk in a short fur coat, coat or jacket. Stylists advise wearing knitted models with a coat, short-sleeved fur coats, and long gloves of similar design, with knitted mittens, and scarfs. Accessories with an original decor look coquettishly and in a mischievous way: lapels, elastic bands with beautiful knitted braids, ties, pom-poms like in the photo.

What Are The Black Knee Socks Above The Knee?

Summer and offseason

In the cool summer, in the winter and in the autumn, women of fashion should pay attention to the dense black knee-high socks made of knitwear, microfiber, elastic fabric, resembling leggings. They can be worn with coats and jackets, trench coats and coats, dark and bodily tights, shoes with a low speed, tractor soles, wedges, and heels. Thin opaque products are worn in warm weather with Mary-Jane shoes, sneakers, sneakers, dresses, denim jackets and leather jackets.

What clothes and shoes go for long black knee socks?

The answer to the question of how to combine high black knee-highs depends on your style, taste, and reason. As a rule, this accessory looks best with clothes that slightly open a small part of the legs above the top gum golf. Thus, the knees remain closed, the length of the skirt or dress corresponds to the propriety, but the image as a whole contains some incompleteness, a hint of flirting and a riddle that women value so much in women.


What can I wear with high black knee-highs if it’s cool outside? The most successful options are raincoats, trench coats, elongated jackets and coats of a loose or fitted style. In this case, the socks should be seen entirely. In the winter, a fur coat or coat can form a company of warm golf, in the spring a beautiful raincoat, a wool poncho.

What Are The Black Knee Socks Above The Knee?


For black golf, depending on the style, density, and design, you can pick up almost any shoe. The only option that stylists categorically reject is sandals. What to wear with this, but opaque knee socks from nylon, microfiber, knitwear? They look great with:

  • closed and open shoes,
  • wedge shoes, high, low heels, but not with heels, otherwise the image will be slightly vulgar;
  • sneakers, sneakers, sneakers;
  • slip-one, moccasins, men’s style boots;
  • elegant boots, shoes with a rough sole.

What can I wear warm socks? With boots and boots, uggs, boots, rubber boots, as in the photo below, with boots in cowboy style.

Since black is a universal color, it can be combined with shoes of any shade, focusing on the basic details of the image.

Skirts, dresses, shorts and other options

What can I wear with black knee socks above the knee? Choose for them free dresses, trapezoid skirts, tunics, fitted dress-shirts, shorts, hoodie or sundresses. The main thing is that this part of the clothing is distinguished by its free cut: dresses on the figure, tight shorts or pencil skirt in tandem with underline golf legs will look too defiant. Socks can be worn with any loose or flared dresses and skirts: pleated, denim, chiffon, short skirt-packs (this option is best left to the most daring and young fashionable women), models in the Scottish style, denim, knitwear, wool, tweed, thick costume fabric.

What Are The Black Knee Socks Above The Knee?

An excellent choice is black knee-highs, ankle boots and a short A-line dress with a white collar. The combination of oversized knitted sweaters and black golf with shoes or boots, a free coat or a trench coat looks elegant and catchy. You can complement the image with a bright handbag on the strap, hat, and sunglasses.

If you decide to combine a short skirt in one bow and black knee socks above the knee, balance this tandem with voluminous top. For this purpose, fit a free cape, voluminous sweater, long cardigan or trench coat.

Grunge style

What can you wear with socks if you are a fan of grunge style? Try to make them with coarse boots on a tractor sole, a light flowered dress and a leather jacket. A voluminous sweater, denim shorts, and cowboy boots look great with golf. An even brighter combination will be presented by sneakers, denim mini skirt or shorts and a checked shirt over a t-shirt or printed t-shirt.

What Are The Black Knee Socks Above The Knee?

Preppy style

The “preppy” style originated in Europe in the 40s of the last century. Initially, this term was used by future students preparing to enter elite universities. Style is associated with restrained elegance, expensive, natural fabrics and school-student uniforms. Black knee-highs will perfectly fit into the girlish look in preppy style, combined with dark shoes on the heels, fitted-style jackets, discreet gray, mustard, blue tones, white blouses, skirts pleated dark blue, black or tartan. In this outfit, you will look young and stylish.

Romance and elegance

What can you wear with black knee socks above the knee if you want to create a romantic look? Combine this accessory with dark lace-up shoes or ankle boots, a short A-line dress or a full skirt, a short jacket, a blouse with ruffles and pleated skirt or pleated skirt. You can add a bow with a hat and sunglasses, a handbag-reticule.

Learn fashionable images from our photo collection, experiment and create new spectacular combinations in your favorite style!