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Blake Lively shows us that you do not need to have a stylist to be an icon of elegance

While the majority of celebrities trust their outfits to professionals who dress them from head to toe for red carpets, events and also in many cases for their daily life, we also find icons of style that opt ​​for the opposite. This is the case of Blake Lively, who at an event held at Barney’s in New York, has stated that no, she does not have a professional stylist, but she is the one who selects every detail of those outfits that always end up falling in love with us (although with some help, of course).

Blake Lively

The actress has had no problem in telling why she prefers to be herself who chooses her looks. And she recognizes that it has a lot to do with his own ego and his need to have control. It does not seem to have gone wrong, she has been able to become the best dressed with outfits such as the total yellow look of Brandon Maxwell with which dazzled in October, the white Ralph & Russo of the image or the perfect working girl style. She told us how she gets it …

“It gives a lot of work. But … we all get dressed every morning. Once you have the clothes, in the end it only consists in putting what you want, as any other human being does. But, obviously, it’s easier because you have access to clothes. The difficult thing is to go to all the shows and keep the looks you like and try to emulate them. I have an assistant that helps me with that. But it also helps to have a relationship with the designers”.

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Blake Lively

This is what she has done, for example, for the next Met gala, where she recognizes that she has chosen the dress but has put the accessories in the hands of real experts in the field:

“I just sent my dress to Lorraine Schwartz and Christian Louboutin and I told them ‘let’s do something special’. They are doing something personalized for that dress, so it’s great, because I have a handful of artists around me with whom I have a direct relationship. It is a group effort. I trust people who live off this rather than hiring someone to help me.”

Blake Lively

And finally she has exposed the causes that have led her to not have a stylist, thus becoming a rare exception in the world of entertainment …

“Probably because I have control problems and a big ego. That is probably the most honest answer. I like it, simply. I love design and fashion, and it’s a way of being creative. In my work, I have to be creative, but only for a period of time and with many other people involved, while this is from beginning to end being creative. It is the same reason why I like to comb my friends, or make up, or cook. Be creative and finish the job, while in my job you do it and it is not finished until two years later. That’s what I mean with control problems. I need to say ‘OK, I’ve done it, it’s complete, it’s over'”.


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