Blue bridal shoes

Blue bridal shoes-Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Especially if it’s about wearing them during one of the most important days of your life. And for the selected pair to be of impact and go beyond the classic, be prepared to discover what arrives with the blue.

From the hand of the perfect bridal dress for you have to be the ideal complements that balance to the maximum your bridal styling. To make you look like what you are: the most beautiful, wonderful and blissfully in love woman. Who has just accepted the engagement ring of the man he loves so much.

And with whom in a short time he will unite his life, having as a symbol of love his wedding rings and as witnesses to God. The judge of peace and the guests who will share your immense happiness. And as you deserve everything, especially on a date of such relevance, how would you like to walk firmly. And elegantly to the altar with one of the models of blue bridal shoes that we present below?

Tradition that lasts

Blue bridal shoes

There are customs that never die and that grow with time, and this is the case of “something old, something blues, something borrowed and something new”. Bridal tradition that is faithfully fulfilled by the future spouses. So that everything is going to ask for a wedding in their married life. In ancient Israel the brides wore in their hair a blue silk band, which continues to represent the same to our day: purity, love and fidelity.

And not only will you wear it on your hair thanks to a headdress or a wreath of flowers. But also on your bouquet of natural flowers , an embroidery, on your jewelry and even on your shoes. You choose in what shade to wear blue!

The meaning of blue bridal shoes

This primary color is associated either with introspection, shyness, control or egocentricity in its not-so-pretty part. But it is most often related to intelligence, creativity, truth, fidelity and loyalty. In addition, in some eastern cultures, blue is considered a sacred and protective color.

Footwear with personality

The blue came with strength to stay in bridal fashion. And since its appearance at the wedding of Carrie Bradshaw (played by Jessica Parker) in the famous movie Sex and the City. It became a very desirable and breakthrough object of schemes. So many brides dared to go beyond the classic white and its tonalities, to combine her wedding dress with lace with blue shoes that best went with their outfits and personalities.

There are tall and elegant, intermediate taco and hardened and low taco or ballerinas type: super comfortable for those who are not used or want to dance more comfortably after a long time to follow the protocol literally.

Elegant to die

All the shoes in the catalog of our portal have their elegant and particular touch that makes them stand out, but in this case. If you are one of those who love high heels and cannot imagine without them. Even if you have to move to the music Throughout the night, you will not be disappointed. You’ll find Manolo Blahnik’s needles in different shades of blueand with charming brooches placed artistically on the toe.

This year also comes Menbur 2019 and its different models of high heel sandals, cerulean blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, among others; with interlaced strips on the front. And comfortable straps to secure them to your feet. Those of Badgley Mischka are not left behind with their Faye sandal model of a blue highlight, with silver. And blue rhinestones, which form a beautiful path from the front to reach the center of the rear strap.

Distinction made to measure

The middle heels are also very present among future wives who want to gain a few centimeters in height to carry their model of bridal dress with ease, retaining its panache and giving way to comfort. The Feline sandal by Badgley Mischka shows a square intermediate heel, two strips that go one after the other, a circular ornament that stands out on the side of the upper level and the dark blue color that characterizes the footwear.

Manolo Blahnik also thinks about this type of girlfriends and adds to the middle tacos with his Hangisi 70 Blue; while Hermes offers them their Night 70 S with a combination of blue and black, the latter with a bit of shine, a medium needle and ankle strap.

Comfort at all costs

In the footwear catalog of you will find models that will make you give a long sigh of relief if your ideal shoes go hand in hand with the absolute comfort. You can use them throughout the wedding or when you want your feet to rest a little after the first dances. The wedding cake cut 2019. And the greeting to the guests who gave the “yes” after receiving the marriage parties 2019.

Armani will present you an elegant shoe with dark blue low heel, with black patent leather on the toe. And a small bow in the center of it. Hermes will surprise you with a baby blue sandal, with a few centimeters heel. And silver ornaments distributed in a balanced way on their fine straps. Within this point you will also find shoes with platforms or planes like ballerinas,

The happy hour

Before choosing the key and the design of your blue bridal shoe take into account first that you keep balance with the decoration of local for marriage. And especially with your wedding dress 2019. Pay attention to the time of the link. The style of your wedding and the place where they will celebrate. Because it is not the same pair of shoes for a marriage on the beach. Than for one made in a room.

And although blue will always look great at any time of the day. Lighter shades will fit better during the early hours of the day and dark blues will look great, especially at night. But this will depend on you: find out, compare and let yourself be advised by the bridal fashion experts.

When you check the catalog of our website to look for your blue bridal shoes, do not forget to coordinate with your bridesmaids. So that they also find the ideal shoes that combine with the party dresses they will wear to accompany you during your big day.

And do not lose sight of the other accessories such as your lime bride bouquet. The headdress and the appropriate jewelry so that everything goes in harmony and beauty in your bridal outfit. Because this will be the most important day of your life.