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Blue dress: the perfect outfit for the guest 2019 

Blue dress-Blue is a timeless color inevitable in the outfit of every guest who does not want to go unnoticed, but with a lot of style. Discover our catalog and find out how to show it this 2019.

If there is a color that fits almost all, it is blue. Projects energy and airs very contemporary to any party dress. The tonalities offered by their capricious designers are endless this 2019. We will see electric and landscape navy blue tones, and whimsical blue. The chosen fabrics are often fluid, there are transparencies but also more structured lines. If you want to be up to that part of marriage of your best friend, cousin or sister, beyond concentrating on a nice makeup or hairstyle, we invite you to discover our catalog and find out how to wear it with style.

Points in favor of the color blue: reasons left to bet on it

Blue dress

The party dress model in blue, as well as a black or red, is another of the basics of the fashion world. A color that few guests dare to wear, with respect to the others we have mentioned, so that ultimately, decide for him, are to take respectable distance from the conventional. The psychology of color attributes only points in favor, such as vitality, energy, prestige, style and class, in addition to the calm and balance attributed to it in the spiritual field. It is today, one of the colors that reappear every season in the most prestigious collections of the fashion universe that conquers all.

Party dresses 2019 in blue: a single color different fabrics and prints

The 2019 designers like Luis Carvalho propose us the blue short party dress, cocktail type, together with other fabrics and prints to break the monotony. There are colorful jackets, crop coats, and even structured trenching on fluid fabrics and many transparencies. A feast of textures, flowers, stripes and colors with a controlled ease, as we see in the designs of Carlo Pignatelli and Pronovias, ideal for this wedding reception outdoors, elegant or urban industrial style.

Classic designs for color that will never go out of style

The short evening dresses in blue do not always propose the renunciation of the classic lines or the breathable glam infallible in the outfit of all guests 2019. On the contrary, let’s see how St. Patrick and Pronovias opt for classic cuts such as the peplum styles along with midi or mini pencil skirts, while Demetrios suggests retro vintage lace, glitter and sequins in waist and skirt. That many times they go to ground level.

Short and structured: the skirts of the blue dress 2019

See how elegant evening dresses do not always have to be on the floor if they do not go with your style and personality. In 2019 we will see how the structured miniskirts have replaced the long classic models. If you are a millennial guest, you will surely opt for the freshest proposals, but yes, without losing style.

Long skirts and with a lot of movement

If the label warrants it, you can always resort to long party dresses, whenever necessary. From a sophisticated design with jeweler by Eleni Elias, or the layer by layer skirts by Carlo Pignatelli. However, if you want to project a fresh and carefree image with blue, you should lean towards tulle, gauze, or crepe, that is, fluid, vaporous and moving looms. To show the designs proposed by Galia Lahav, St. Patrick or Demetrios of charming talus illusion, spaghetti straps and delicate lace sleeves.

Betting on the blue this 2019, will place you one step ahead as a guest. Even if you prefer to wear an avant-garde full of Eleni Elias. Of course, after choosing your blue evening dress, you must know how to combine it with your accessories, makeup and semi-combed hairstyle. Remember that the future spouses are giving their best for the party of their lives, and you should do the same.

Blue Short and Long Party Dress Ideas 2019

If you like the blue color for clothes, you are in luck since it is one of the trend tones this season for fashion in general and also for many of the 2019 party dress proposals that we come across.

In the past, black or more elegant shades like red were the key to hit a good party dress either long or black, but knowing that blue, and especially the most intense, is a trend among the colors that more are carried in 2019 we can opt for these ten ideas that we propose and we will have to add other elements, such as details, fabrics or design that make them spectacular proposals.

Let’s see now those ideas and as we want to cover all the types of blue  dress that you can wear in 2019, we offer you five proposals that are short and another five that will be long.

Blue short party dress 2019 with lace

One of the first ideas that we have to offer for the 2019 blue dress that are also short and festive, is to have some other model that also includes some lace detail.

The influence of “retro” fashion has caused the current fashion to be filled with embroidery and lace so that there will be nothing better than choosing a dress like this that we see now, from ZARA, which also stands out for its blue color, with a nice body of lace in the chest area and sleeves. Ideal for partying or going to any seasonal event in 2019.

Blue short party dress 2019 and pleated

On the other hand, along with the idea of ​​wearing a nice blue dress and the fact that it includes lace, there will be nothing like the fact that it also has a nice pleat as we see in this elegant model of the new H9209 collection. With a dress like this you can look modern thanks to its short design and blue, but also the most sober and elegant for occasions such as having to go as a guest to an event like a wedding.

Blue short party dress 2019 sequins

And for the most festive occasions of 2019 nothing like opting for a dress model that is sequined so that we can wear a model like this, Stradivarius, which also stands out for being of that beautiful navy blue.

Blue short party dress 2019 with ruffles

And of course, if we have talked about laces and pleats we have to do it also with the ruffles, which are another essential detail for the 2019 dresses, whether they are party or not. If you also choose a model like this H & M that bets on a beautiful navy blue, you’re sure to look spectacular on any special occasion of the New Year.

Blue short party dress 2019 and with velvet

To finish with these five party dresses in blue, nothing like opting for a model that besides being an intense blue is also velvet since this type of fabric has become fashionable for the Spring Summer 2019, but You will see how still in the spring he will continue to carry. In this way, you can choose a dress like this that we see in the Sfera signature image and that they sell in El Corte Ingles, which in addition to fabric and color also has a beautiful shiny effect.

Long blue party dress 2019 with ruffles

We have already seen five ideas for the short blue dress of 2019, but the truth is that it is also good that you choose one that is a blue but long model, with which to achieve a style without doubt elegant and among which we can recommend models like this, from El Corte Ingles, which stands out for its color in blue and also because of the fashionable tone and halter neck.

Long blue party dress 2019 with bare shoulders

On the other hand if you want a model of blue and long dress that is sensual, nothing like choosing a dress model that is bare shoulders, as we show you with this other proposal by Asos, which also has lace detail in the chest area.

Long blue party dress 2019 with cross detail

There will be nothing like choosing a blue and long cut party dress for those occasions in which we want to look really spectacular, and if we opt for a model like this, ZARA, which is not only wonderful for its blue color but that also stands out for being crossed and very sensual, we can say that we will have completely successful.

Long blue dress 2019 with bright details

On the other hand you can also choose a long dress that is a “navy” blue very dark, almost black, which also has bright details in the chest area as we see in the image below, with this beautiful model of Zalando.

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