bridal hairstyles

Attention 2019 bride, who also find a beautiful dress and bouquet you need to know from a good source, what the bridal hairstyles propose to deify your beautiful hair. Here is an advance …

If there is something that makes every committed woman happy, in addition to her glorious engagement rings, they are all the resources used to beautify her. Now, everything is possible! Extensions, color, cuts, ironing, nothing stops her, even more, in that wonderful day in which she will become happily married. It remained behind that fixation directed only to bridal dresses.

Bridal styling dedicates art and skill to propose fresh ideas every season and enhance even more, your wedding outfit. From head to foot, passing through his superb bridal hairstyle, everything must be synchronized to the millimeter. If you want to see a preview of what the time will come in terms of hairstyles, stay with us.

Fixation by the natural

 bridal hairstyles 2019

Carefree hairstyles. The tendency towards the natural persists. But beware, that does not mean that you do not move a finger, because even behind the insurgents easy combs, there is a whole technique and stylistic machinery. The romantic, hipster or vintage girlfriend likes the carefree styles that can be easily revived by delicate floral tiaras, so if you already decided on that style, you already have the answer.

Long-haired hairstyles. The 2019 bride does not want to be in front of the mirror from time to time during her marriage. She will choose a hairstyle for short hair or one easy to use if she has long hair. That does not require lacquers, paperclips, or extreme maintenance such as semirecogidos scarred with loop waves.

Cuts and colors that should not be missed

Parted in the middle. Among the bridal hairstyles 2019 it made its reappearance the line to the middle, but 2018 will be its year. Both for the semi-selected and for the long and loose hair in waves. They give an air of candor to the look of the bride , nothing despicable .

Closers. They made their appearance with that charm that fascinates the romantic brides with straight hair, and will parade along with the brides during 2019. And is that the cerquillos, also called flequillos not only soften the expressions, they are almost a trick of cutting, of which It will be worth more than a bridal hairstyle 2018 to give asymmetry to the face.

The wonderful thing is that  you can accompany him to a pickup or semirecogido , be this low or high, not to say next to a solemn braided  destroy .

Short and with movement. The punk short hair or the carrè types, which are rather medium and even shoulder are fashionable. The modern and active bride, will wear that flirty and retro style without missing the extensions. Of course , note that empatizan more with vintage styles or hipsters . If you are glam or romantic, you should wear it tilted and fanned by tiaras, florets, ribbons and bows, always respecting your style.

Contouring The technique known as contouring migrated from makeup and positioned the hairstyle. Thanks to the wise combination of tonalities and colorimetry, it manages to stylize even the most capricious face shape, square, inverted or round triangle. If you are thinking about wearing your hair loose or semi-swept with a headband or crown, nothing better than this new practice of coloring to lay the foundations of hairstyles for long hair.

Collected and horsetails

If you are thinking about giving a more urban or industrial look to your look and you do not know how, the ponytail will be your best option. It is a hairstyle that is achieved without difficulty and obviously will mark a trend among the  hairstyles collected.

This thanks to its versatility, it can be simple or sophisticated. In addition, it also allows you to look like a hairstyle at night , if you decide to pull all your hair back you will get a more chic and elegant approach. Keep in mind that there are extensions for all tastes.

The timeless bun

The medium buns are the timeless ones proposed by the stylists for 2019. Elegant as sophisticated for the classic bride, but very elegant. Give it a contemporary touch by wearing it high, very high!

The bridal hairstyles 2019 promise to enhance features, give light to the face, add spirit to the whimsical hair, makeup, jewelry and bridal bouquet through the hairstyle. How will the decoration for marriage during your banquet and that you plan to do with the rest of details for your wedding. In short, a sweet melody to please the eyes of your guests and that of your beloved future husband.


There are brides who with time since the request, are careful not to cut their hair to be picked up on the big day. But as we do not all like long hair ; or when the time comes, we do not have it as long as we would like. Do not panic! You can also do collected or bridal hairstyles with short hair.


  • In the true style of the 20s , a short mane, above the shoulders, is very suitable for an inward hairstyle.
  • The line to one side and a part of the hair behind one ear, will culminate the elegance of this look.
  • For brides of retro style , vintage, classic … it combines with a great variety of styles!


What is the pixie cut or hairstyle? Surely you recognize it easily: it is a cut to the garçonne , very short behind and on the sides, with the top and bangs longer.

  • This cut with the bangs to one side is very stylish and sexy. The ideal dress for the pixie style would be one of straight cut, empire or sinera, since it makes the figure longer and stylizes your look.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this cut, is that it allows you to highlight especially your face; and often, the jewels. Without more elements of distraction, if you decide to wear earrings and / or necklace, they will not go unnoticed.
  • Whether with feathers, brooches, bright, with leaves … A pin to the side of the hair in a short hair will be elegant and chic.


The wreaths are a great alternative for a man or short hair. There are several types, so depending on the length of your hair you can find the ideal for you.


The bob style hairstyle was a cut that became fashionable in the 20s . It consists of a straight cut, more or less at the height of the jaw; over the shoulder. Usually it is usually accompanied by bangs, but this is according to the tastes or traits.

If you want something casual, the tips can end in a false mess. This bob style you can combine with a comb, for example, and putting a parate the hair behind the ear. In that case you can also wear some striking earrings or simply highlight them.


You will get this hairstyle with large and marked curls . You will reach the glamor of the 20s quickly, controlling the volume of hair, without overdoing it. Ideally, the line goes to one side of our face.