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Bridal shoes: Fashions and trends of the year!

The bridal shoes is, without doubt, one of the most important accessories for a bride, one of the elements of style that give personality and character to the dress and to the whole figure. But what are the coolest models that will go out of fashion next year? Let’s find out together.

The collections of the greatest shoe-designers propose ever more particular bridal shoes, keeping up with current trends and destined not to go unnoticed.

Let’s see together the most popular footwear models

1. Dècolletè

Bridal shoes

A traditional choice that, however, is revisited every year by the greatest designers, allowing the bride to have a timeless and fashionable look. We find models in white or satin leather, but also in tulle or lace. The dècolletès with a narrow, triangular tip and those with a gold or silver heel are extremely popular.

2. Ankle boot

Bridal shoes

For those who get married in autumn or winter, the ankle boot seems to be the best and most fashionable solution, above all, the lace one with small jewel inserts, with a very elegant style and perfect for the coldest periods of the year.

3. Sandalwood

Bridal shoes

For summer brides, sandals with increasingly sophisticated and elegant lines could not be missing. The choice, in this case, is very wide: we find, in fact, classic white or silver sandals, silver-colored and cage-shaped laminated models, those in minimal version or those with sculpture heel and glitter upper.

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4. Mary Jane

Bridal shoes

Among the wedding shoe trends, even the most beautiful Mary Jane with a bolder and more characteristic style, with T-bar and strap or in gold-colored laminated leather with a net of straps and straps that wraps around the entire instep towards the ankle.

5. Platform shoe

Bridal shoes

Platform shoes continue to be part of bridal footwear trends. Accompanied by very high heels, the plateau is an excellent solution for not too tall brides who wish to buy a few centimeters more on their wedding day. Moreover, this model guarantees a lot of comfort, essential to keep a smile and a good mood for the whole day!

6. Flats

Bridal shoes

To those who do not want to wear heels on their wedding day, different brands dedicate shoes with very low kitten heels but, above all, flat sandals and flip-flops with crystals and all-over jewel inserts.

Let us know what you think of these trends. What types of shoes do you plan to wear for your wedding?


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