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Backpacks: When and how to wear them?

Do you like backpacks but don’t know when and how to wear them? Discover our style tips The backpacks are entered in fact among the most popular handbags by women in recent seasons. For too long they have been relegated to the school-university world, but now they are ready to take back an important role …

match the colors

How to match the colors of the accessories

To coordinate or best mix the nuances of bags, shoes, headbands and hats, there are some “fashion rules” to follow. Here they are all, to never make mistakes Match the colors of the accessories is not an easy task: sometimes the coordinate is not good, other times it is better to mix complementary nuances, other …

Pandora bracelets

How to clean Pandora bracelets

Preserving the beauty and brightness of Pandora bracelets is really easy, just simple but effective precautions are enough: here they are. Pandora bracelets represent a real must have : beautiful, simple but decidedly elegant and super feminine, jewels that have made many fashion victims fall in love.

Perfect Bag

How To Choose The Perfect Bag

Is there a woman insensitive to the charm of the bag? Who does not have at least more than one (ten)? By now, we have become true ‘bag addicts’. Bags are a key element for our look. But how to choose the right bag. What’s for us? Here are 7 golden rules to find the perfect bag …


The 7 Bags To Ask The Kings

Women never have enough bags in our closet, we always want more, and more and more original, striking and different, of course, without losing style. Models that combine us with our daily outfits as well as party ones and thus get the most out of them. What better occasion than to include them in our letter to the Magi? We propose …