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choose the right skir

How to choose the right skirt for your body

The skirt is the female garment par excellence and now, with the arrival of summer, we will finally have more opportunities to show it off with style and pride. In fact, it is during the summer that the best opportunities arise to discover all the different variations of skirts, for a fashionable wardrobe but also …

quality dress

The 7 tricks to recognize a quality dress

It often happens, when shopping, that our heart starts beating in an entirely uncontrolled way for a piece of clothing or for an accessory that seems perfect to complete our outfit. Sometimes it is the color that has bewitched us, others the fantasy that adorns its front and back, but it is not uncommon for …

vintage aprons

Vintage Aprons for Women

As America embraces its cooking muse via Food Network and other cooking venues vintage aprons for women are becoming almost a fashion must-have. Retro styled aprons are eagerly purchased but some women like to go a bit further and hunt for the real thing. A vintage apron has a certain style. The fabrics are unique …