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look slimmer
How to Dress

How to dress to look slimmer?

Do you want to look slimmer but don’t know how to do it? Here are our style tips … Agreeing to follow the latest fashion trends, it’s okay to buy the must-have clothing of the season and steps to choose and show off the most beautiful accessories of the moment, but if all this does …

combine the joggers
How to Dress

How to combine the joggers and end up in the gym

The tracksuit trousers have escaped from the gym and from Saturday afternoons lying home doing nothing. Now it is a garment it does not pretend that we do sport with it. Rather than let us dress in our most casual and athleisure styles. Celebrities like Gigi, Bella, Kendall or Rihanna look it up with heels. She has rediscovered her reef in catwalks and street style, even in Haute Couture! Do not …