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Top outdoor sports for kids

We all know how important it is to keep kids moving – so what are the best outdoor sports for them to enjoy? Image Credit 1 Athletics If you’re lucky enough to have an athletics club nearby, get your youngsters down there to check it out. The great thing about outdoor athletics is that there …


Jewelry Guidance – One Jewel at a Time

Jewelry shopping often entails a search for just the right piece for you, a family member, business associate, graduate, a friend or others that comes to mind when a more personal gift is needed. Anyone would be confused with the innumerable jewelry selections available today and finding that one perfect item can be difficult. Good …


Learn the Art of Packing

When you go on vacation, you want to thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. If you take time to plan ahead, you can do all that is in your power to make that reality. Part of enjoying a vacation is packing what you will need, not a bunch of nonessential items. The last thing you …


Getting to grips with patterns

If you’re new to the world of making your own clothes then you’ll be busy researching the best easy patterns to start with. It’s a fantastic and rewarding hobby but you’ll want to be on top of the terminology before you start, just to make life a bit easier. Here are some of the terms …


Transitioning skincare between the seasons

The weather is starting to get warmer, so it is time to switch up your skincare routine. The cold, harsh months of winter required lots of moisturiser and lip balm, but spring is now here. Image Credit Some people don’t transition their skincare routine between seasons, but this can mean that their skin will become …


Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 collection of Uterqüe

Despite the calorazo we are experiencing these days, companies are moving us their winter collections already available in their stores. As you approach the sales, it is inevitable ‘nibbles’ clothes from the new collection that happens to us all, a strategy by the brand that works for them perfectly. Uterqüe is the firms that already …

Eye cream

Eye cream: When, how and why?

The skin in this area is the most delicate face and needs extra care. Leticia Carrera, director of beauty treatments and Olay consultant, explains how boast look and health coach, Beatriz Larrea, how to care inside. The facial skin is particularly sensitive, besides being the most exposed to external factors that damage our skin. And in …


Footwear in Training: The Hot Contenders

There comes a time when stilettos just won’t cut it; even Victoria Beckham has recently been snapped ditching her towering heels for casual trainers. If you’re not the kind of girl who likes to teeter around in heels and instead prefers a pair of fashionable trainers, then you’ll want to know all about the hottest …