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How to choose the perfect heeled shoes for you? The definitive guide!

With this guide, I will explain the types of heeled shoes that exist, with their names: ready to choose the perfect shoe for you?

Heeled shoes are not simple shoes, but real gifts of personality that we do to ourselves (or that we make ourselves do!). They talk about our way of being, our way of conceiving elegance and sensuality, our way of experiencing a particular event. But for some they are impossible to put on, because they hurt. I have a solution for you!

High heeled shoes, especially if spiked, never go out of style; the problem is that being fashionable is not always comfortable. If you really can’t give it up, you risk having discomforts like calluses, bunion and flat feet. Fortunately, there are tricks to make sure that heels are as painful as possible.

  • Don’t buy a pair of shoes that isn’t perfectly the number you wear
  • Buy leather or suede shoes
  • Before putting on your shoes to go out, practice walking around the house
  • Before buying them, walk into the shop
  • Buy shoes in the late afternoon, when your feet are swollen after a long day on the move
  • Watch yourself when you walk, the thing you notice most is your bearing
  • Buy comfortable models based on your foot morphology
  • If you plan a busy day, put a pair of ballet flats in your bag
  • Remember to stretch and massage the sole of the foot
  • Choose models that promote good stability.
  • Consider the plateau models
  • Examine the padding
  • Alternate the shoe models you use
  • Choose shoes that enhance your legs.

If you also love heels, you will probably recognize many of the models in this complete guide on the type of shoe. Look at them all and choose the perfect one for you!

1. Kitten heels or shoes with small stiletto heels

In the 1950s, they were a must. Then, a bit like all the trends, they went out of style. Needless to say, of course, vintage fashion is now a must have and, when a shoe is so iconic, it cannot fail to appear on the shelves of all stores! Ideal for those who do not feel stable with a more important heel, they give a touch of femininity without making you feel on stilts.

2. Pumps or simple high-heeled shoes

They are the equivalent of the little black dress. All women must have a pair. The heel is high but rather easy to wear, which makes them perfect for a whole day at the office (as long as there is not too much walking!). The most chosen colors for this décolleté are black, beige, flesh pink and gold.

3. Stiletto or shoes with stiletto heels

These shoes are extremely sexy. We do not know why we accept the pains and suffering that they cause, but in the end, we hope to transform our legs into the infinite ones of Naomi Campbell. Top colors: flesh-colored, animalier, degradé and red! I recommend, the heel height must be proportional to your height!

4. Shoes with high heel and ankle strap

With the thin or thick lace, with bijoux or simple, the shoes with the ankle strap are hyper feminine and highlight the ankle and the instep. Ideal for a feminine touch to a casual outfit. Not recommended for those with slightly thin ankles because the horizontal line of the strap may not enhance the rest of the leg. Neutral colors for the most classic but also touches of fantasy for those who love to experiment.

5. High shoes high cut-out

For those occasions when pumps or stilettos are not suitable, or if you want an extra sexy touch, you cannot miss a pair of cut-outs, those shoes, open or closed, accolade on the ankle. Perfect in summer, to show off your freshly made pedicure, they can be combined with both sportier dresses and cocktail mini-dresses.

6. High shoes with wedge or wedges

Wedges (or wedges) are wearable by everyone, even by those who have never worn a pair of heels. You gain in height without losing stability. They are also perfect for those occasions, such as a wedding or a social event where you want to avoid the heel saver, which could be held at the park or on the beach. You will have no difficulty walking, neither on grassy land nor on sand.

7. Grunge boots or boots with punk heels

They are not just any pair of boots. Looking at them, they almost make you dizzy, but don’t let that scare you: the heel is really high, but they are also quite comfortable thanks to the rubber sole or the platform anyway. I am a hybrid between pump with platform and ankle boots. They are a real tribute to punk culture, transgression and the underground world, although perfectly wearable both with a dress, for a rock / girly contrast, and with a pair of pants, preferably skinny.

8. Sandals with small heels

If it is true that with a moderate height you can go a long way, sandals with a small taco represent the right way to travel it. In addition to being very comfortable, they are also very elegant. You just need to know how to wear them with the right clothing, like a capri-style high ankle-length trousers, with a floral dress that goes down soft but also with a mini skirt of jeans and a white t-shirt for a trendy but simple look.

 9. Chelsea boots with medium or low heels

The essential boot for women always on the run who do not want to give up the touch of class and prefer to avoid sneakers. Undeniably british, they are comfortable, practical and give a touch of elegance to even the most casual looks. Chelsea are in fact ankle boots, often in suede, with an elastic band on the side of the ankles.

10. Chanel shoes

If you are looking for a shoe that is feminine but not overly provocative, these with the strap on the back are for you. With the low heel they become almost “virginal”, instead with a 10 heel they are perfect for seducing with class and elegance, perhaps combined with a pencil skirt or a suit. They are also called chanel shoes because mademoiselle coco, like many other things, was the one who invented them.

11. Mules with high and low heels

From time to time, sabots come back in fashion, very similar to slippers or slippers. Each has its own tastes, of course, but know that even for these highly controversial shoes you just need to know how to choose the right one! There are both low-heeled and high-heeled.

12. Slice sandals with high heel or corset heels

How to define them? Slave sandals are perhaps the sexiest and most provocative heeled shoes. If you feel confident, you certainly cannot do without a pair of corset sandals! Whether with heel 7 or heel 12, this type of high shoes is a concentrate of femininity and strength. Of course, they don’t boast the primacy in terms of comfort, but we can use them for special occasions.

13. Espadrilles or high shoes with wedge

Who said espadrilles aren’t sexy? Technically they are not “shoes with heels”, but with their rope wedge they are definitely high shoes, and then they are ideal for summer! There are something for all tastes: from the classic closed front with an ankle strap, to those in suede open like real sandals. Being summer, you can opt for super bright but also warm colors such as taupe, sand or coral pink!

14. Cone heel

Thanks to the particular shape of their cone-shaped heel, they give you stability and comfort throughout the day. Tip: add them to your shoe collection, you won’t regret it! You can find them both in a boot version, perfect for a day’s work or for an aperitif with friends, but also in a sandal or décolleté version.

15. Reel heel

Graceful, delicate and with a very low heel, they offer all the stability and comfort that a girl could wish for. The shoes with the spool heel have a very particular shape of the heel, flared upwards. The stability of the cone heel, however, is combined with the grace of a sinuous shape, like in an eighteenth century shoe.


  • Boots, ankle boots, oxford shoes or anyway closed bandage the foot and prevent it from sliding forward.
  • After buying the shoes, check the soles. If they are smooth, take some sandpaper and roughen them to create more friction. There are also adhesive non-slip soles. Change your shoes only after trying them on and making sure they fit you well.
  • If the shoes hurt you excessively, a bad sign. Take them off and try to understand why. If they are not the right number, do not use them, however much you like them. Shoes can be replaced, feet cannot.
  • You need to pay much more attention to the surfaces you walk on, especially grass, gravel, ice, metal grates and other materials that can make you slip or stumble easily, damaging or breaking heels (if not worse).

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