right skirt

The female garment par excellence: the skirt! See how to choose the right skirt model that makes you feel beautiful and perfectly at ease, but above all that knows how to enhance your figure. Here are our tips!

The skirts are perfect to immediately give personality and style to your outfit and you can use them to hide or highlight everything you like or don’t like at that moment.

Always remember that there are no real style rules, but that each of us can wear whatever she likes, as long as it makes her feel good about herself.

Depending on the effect you want, however, there are tips to follow to best enhance your body.

Here’s how to choose the right skirt model based on your look or your needs.

Strong legs? Here’s how to wear the skirt casually

Strong calves are not a reason enough to do without skirts. Because with the right model, your legs will look beautiful and you can’t wait to show them off.

The length: the skirts that end just above or just below the knee make the strong legs appear optically thinner. High-waisted models are perfect, because they make legs seem longer.

The shape: with a flared trapeze skirt or an airy bell skirt, you can make your calves thinner. Particularly flattering are the models made with fluid fabrics such as very fashionable pleated skirts. But always pay attention to their length: a skirt just above the calf slims you more.

Color: You can make your legs even longer and thinner by wearing a vertical striped skirt. Optically lengthens the lower body and makes it slimmer.

Tip: if you wear the skirt without the socks, combine pointy décolleté with a slightly wider heel. They optically stretch the legs and the calves seem much thinner.

The right skirt for a flat stomach

Good news: the right skirt can visually make the swelling on the abdomen disappear (it happens to everyone!) And makes the belly immediately flatter.

The length: if you want to hide the belly, focus on the legs! Wear a mini to focus attention on the whole leg or on a midi skirt to highlight the calves.

The fabric: The shape of the skirt is less important than the material. Better to prefer solid and double fabrics to ruffles. Fresh and perfect for the purpose at the same time, for example, are the high-waisted denim skirts. The sturdy denim fabric and the high waist ensure a flat effect on the belly. Are you looking for something more original? Then opt for a skirt with an enveloping look or with drapes around the abdominal area.

Tip: try modeling lingerie! The miraculous spandex immediately makes the stomach flatter. Equally good and cheap: high elastic tights, in which the abdominal area is very stretch.

Trick to lengthen the figure: Which skirt to put on, if you have short legs?

It is unfortunately true: short legs can be mortified by a wrong skirt.

It is always preferable to choose a short one above the knee to lengthen the figure, preferably with matching tights and shoes!

Color: in terms of colors, everything is allowed! If you want a more noticeable stretching effect, you should wear a top in the same color as the skirt. So your figure is not interrupted optically.

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