choose the right skir

The skirt is the female garment par excellence and now, with the arrival of summer, we will finally have more opportunities to show it off with style and pride. In fact, it is during the summer that the best opportunities arise to discover all the different variations of skirts, for a fashionable wardrobe but also full of precious alternatives. All without giving up the three cornerstones that every summer skirt should have: freshness, comfort and obviously elegance. Be careful, however: not everyone can be lucky enough to wear every single model on the market, and this is because every choice will have to be made according to your physique.

choose the right skir

Pencil skirt

The sensual and elegant pencil skirt proves to be optimal for women with a balanced physique, where every curve is in its place. Being a wrapping model, in fact, the so-called pencil skirt inevitably ends up enhancing the curves. For “abundant” women on the waist, buttocks and hips, therefore, the advice is to keep away from this model.

Balloon skirt

Among the great trends of this summer, we find the balloon skirt, vaporous and elegant. It is a model that is especially suitable for women with a slender physique, with slightly accentuated curves and with thin legs. Even in this case, unfortunately, those who have abundant curves should avoid wearing this kind of skirts: by their nature, these models enhance the narrow waist.

Long skirts

The long skirt also returns for this 2019 and is the top for women of short stature and minute, because it gives an impetus to the silhouette impossible to obtain with other models. For those who have wide hips and abundant curves, it is better to opt for a long flared skirt, perfect because it slides on the body without creating the much feared “curtain effect”.

Wrap skirts

The wraparound skirt proves to be a model easily adaptable to many physicists, as well as very trendy this summer. The advice is to opt for a dry skirt without too many stylistic trappings, especially if you have a curvilinear physique. Women with an athletic silhouette, on the other hand, can indulge themselves with variants of different types, such as asymmetric and destructured ones.

The miniskirts

It ends with a must impossible to ignore in the summer, which is the miniskirts. These models know how to adapt to many physicists, as long as you pay attention anyway. It is a rule that applies for example to women with a small physique, who often tend to exaggerate with the size of the hem, sometimes excessively short especially for denim ones. Women with a curvy physique, on the other hand, would probably be better off avoiding wrapping models, opting for sarong skirts.

In short, the models of fashionable skirts for this summer are really many, but you must always remember to choose them accurately based on your physique.

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