How to choose winter clothing for women

Dressing well in freezing temperatures can be challenging. I realized this myself when winter came. I was wearing a coat and several sweaters that made me look like Michelin. That in addition to adding some ultra-comfortable boots that I had bought on sale, but guess what, they were not the prettiest, nor did they combine well if I wanted to go out and look presentable.

Although I made many mistakes at the beginning, as in everything, I took the time to research and find out what works for me, at least in a climate like Canada where the temperatures can get TOO freezing.

I am an observer by nature, so I started looking at different people and used clothes to their advantage, depending on the occasion. With this, I realized that I was dressing badly, but there are also tricks that we can use to look more elegant, even if the weather conditions get rebellious.

Here are some tips that I found useful for anyone who wants to look good and not spend too much in winter:

Warning: The advice that I give here is oriented to dress in winters with temperatures below 0ÂșC.

Buy a quality sweater in a neutral color

Sweaters are a great piece to have in your winter wardrobe. They are soft, warm and can look very elegant, as long as we choose the right material and colors.

To start, we can choose a black, beige or white cardigan. These colors go well with almost any outfit. Turtleneck, v-neck, and crew-neck sweaters are also great options. The material in sweaters and cardigans is very important, because not only will they keep you warmer, but they will also make your garments last longer.

I wish I had known this before buying several cheap jerseys! Better to invest in a good quality sweater.

Recommended materials: Wool (merino wool), cashmere, alpaca, cotton (do not use on extremely cold days)

Materials to avoid: Acrylic, nylon, rayon, viscose

Choosing a basic down jacket

Although down jackets are not the chicest garments out there, you can always have options. Parkas, anoraks or down jackets can come in different styles and it is important to consider the use that we are going to give them.

I recommend that if you spend a lot of time outside and walk, choose a long down jacket. Not only do they look more presentable, but they do a good job of protecting our butt (which can suffer every time we sit on a frozen bench).

If you prefer not to wear a down jacket because you think it is not too formal, you can consider a good cloth coat. These coats aren’t as warm as down jackets, but they can be functional with a few layers underneath.

Scarves and their many uses

They come in all sizes, styles and colors. If there is an accessory that can make us stand out and only wear when it’s cold, it’s scarves.

A single-color scarf is basic, but you don’t have to limit yourself. With scarves, you can play more because they are not as expensive as a pair of shoes.

For less cold climates, a lightweight infinity scarf looks great.

Scarves or kerchiefs are beautiful, but it is better to use something larger and thicker such as blanket scarves, if it is very cold. These are great for warmth and can also be used as an added layer indoors.

The hat should not be missing

The hats can not be missing in a winter outfit. They are especially useful when it snows, and we don’t want our hair to get wet. They also help keep our ears warm.

What many advise is that the hat matches the gloves to add coherence to the look. We can also combine it with the scarf, although it is not completely necessary.

To add heat to the hat or don’t want to use one, we can use a headband. They are very feminine and are doing the ears a great favor.

Wear mittens

Mittens are gloves that have no separation between the fingers, leaving only the thumb. They are warmer than common gloves as they help retain more heat when the fingers are together. Some wool mittens combined with the hat look great. If you lack heat, you can add another layer of gloves inside.

If you think that gloves are better because you need more mobility in your fingers, you can use waterproof one-color touch gloves. I prefer the black and they are very useful when I have to be using the cell phone outside.

Socks matter too

Although we cannot appreciate socks with high boots, we must not forget that they are a detail to take care of, especially if we visit someone.

If the party is inside a friend’s apartment, I will put more effort into socks than boots because that will be seen for a longer time. If the circumstances are different and we go out to a bar or eat, we have to take more care of our shoes.

Christmas socks are adorable, but we better save them for informal occasions. Wearing thick, single-tone socks is best. Add some socks underneath to give more heat. To learn more about what socks to wear in winter, visit: The best socks for extreme cold.

Can dresses be worn?

Dresses are a garment that makes any look very feminine. I advise all girls who want to look good in winter to wear dresses with long sleeves and long cuts.

Wearing socks is not an option. It is more of a necessity if the weather is very cold. Buy a good pair of socks according to your skin color and some black socks.

Finally, the boots

Boots are one of the most important accessories and in which we have to be especially careful because we have to make a good investment. Insulated winter boots are best for extreme cold but can be lacking in style, so having a pair of tall fur boots can be good too.

Other tips

Shop smart. The most common mistake we make when buying winter clothing is putting price as the deciding factor. Although we want to save as much as possible, in the long run, it will be more expensive to fill ourselves with poor quality clothes that we will have to boots after a year. That is why I advise taking the time to read the labels, know the materials and make the correct purchase.

Prioritize warmth over style. Countless times I have seen people loosely covered in freezing temperatures. Why do this? Being uncovered can give you very bad colds. Wearing basic garments in one tone is the best option.

Add a base to any look to make it warmer: If a sweater and coat aren’t enough, add a layer of thermal underwear. You can visit the article: The best thermal shirts for extreme cold.

Look for brands that specialize in winter clothing rather than fast-fashion. Famous fast-fashion chains can offer us very elegant winter styles, but they often lack the protection we seek. The brands specialized in winter clothing use materials with insulating and waterproof characteristics to look for cold conditions.