Take advantage of these days at home to do (deep) cleaning of your seasonal wardrobe. We present to you the basic commandments.

Every day is the same: this automatic short circuit in front of the mirror, after the shower and before the mobile alarm that urges us to accelerate before assuming a delay. Why? It is possible to counteract this phenomenon. And not only choosing at night the clothes that we will wear the next day. If not cleaning and ordering our dressing at once, infinite source of surprises. The keys are simple: free up space by getting rid of what objectively we will not carry in the next seasons (or that takes too long), order efficiently so that garments and accessories are easy to locate and sign what we really need for time, trend and season.

The phenomenon of buying / selling is one of the solutions that has exploded in recent years: “according to sources – the largest franchise for the sale of clothing in the US – it is estimated that in 2022 the fashion market for second-hand generate 400 million dollars worldwide and that finally surpasses Fast Fashion in 2028. The generations that consume the most second-hand clothes are millennials and generation Z, basically due to two reasons: concern for the environment and his knowledge of the digital world.” Buying and selling, selling and buying, has become a phenomenon in the fashion world.

Convinced? We present you the 10 basic commandments to get the perfect wardrobe (without going crazy) and rescue even some wonders that had remained in the trunk of memories … Confessions of a compulsive buyer and to order.

1. Take advantage of time

Time is the first thing you need. Reserve a couple of hours of a day that you have free and get to work with the lasts? task of organizing your wardrobe. If you work at home, choose two hours at the beginning or end of the day to also clear yourself.

2. Mindful of the tools

Make sure you have several boxes or storage bags on hand, as well as a garbage bag to throw away the things you are going to get rid of. Piling up is not the solution and less if your intention is for example to give away the clothes you no longer wear.

3. Create a pleasant atmosphere

Do you think it is not important? Good background music, a pleasant smell and good lighting can completely change your task.

4. Empty your dressing

Completely empty your closet. A good idea is to put everything on the bed or the carpet, in order to make sure you finish at least part of it before it’s too late. You will avoid the well known “T-shirt lost in the drawer”.

5. The cleaning begins

Take the clothes individually. First, check that they are in perfect condition or not (some torn or broken, if a button is missing, the zipper) and second, decide if you want to keep it or not. Flee from accumulating for accumulating … we did not get to wear most of our clothes.

6. Order now

Do it by types in different boxes: the garments that pass the filter because you keep wearing them, the ones that definitely leave your closet, the “I don’t know” for their sentimental value …

7. Do you need a touch up?

What about the ones that do stay? Check if everything is your size and it works for you (the “I’ll wear it as soon as I lose two sizes” is not valid).

8. Reorganize what’s left

Now that you have more free space in the dressing room , arrange the clothes according to seasons, colors and occasions.

9. Sell or give away what you don’t want

What do you do with all the clothes that have gone to the discard pile? Take advantage of the explosion of buy / sell pages in recent years. It is also a way to recover part of your investment.

10. Invest in basics (or luxury items)

With the money, you get from the sale, bet on investing in basic pieces for your wardrobe such as the white shirt or the pair of black jeans.

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