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How to clean Pandora bracelets

Preserving the beauty and brightness of Pandora bracelets is really easy, just simple but effective precautions are enough: here they are.

Pandora bracelets represent a real must have : beautiful, simple but decidedly elegant and super feminine, jewels that have made many fashion victims fall in love.

But how do you clean Pandora bracelets? To keep unchanged the brightness and brilliance of the 925 Sterling silver with which they are made, just follow simple and effective precautions.

Yes, because if you want to keep the characteristics of these fabulous jewels intact longer, you have to take care of them: silver is very delicate and over time, tends to oxidize.

That said, all that remains is to follow our advice. First of all it is good to keep Pandora bracelets away from perfumes, salt water, chemicals for cleaning the house, skin creams, cosmetic products, chlorine and, above all, it is recommended to avoid wearing them during sports and in the shower.

Metal cleaning

To clean 925 sterling silver, use a polishing cloth, which prevents oxidation and makes the metal of the bracelet shiny. If it is not enough, you can wash it with lukewarm water and soap with neutral pH, with the help of a soft bristle brush, rubbing gently.

Our advice is to clean the bracelets at least once a year and when you are not wearing them it is better to put them in a protective box.

Cleaning of stones and Murano glass charms

Even the stones should be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap and, fundamentally, it is necessary to keep them away from chemicals and rough surfaces because they could deteriorate or chip.

Some of the charms that decorate Pandora bracelets are made of Murano glass and must be cleaned with a soft cloth, which does not leave the hateful lint, or another effective solution is to rinse them gently with a little neutral soap and water. Warm and dry them with a light cloth.

If the charms were to become opaque, it is advisable to treat them with a small amount of oil and then remove the excesses with a soft cloth.

Finally it is good to remember that to prevent oxidation it is necessary to keep them away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

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