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Coco Rocha, supermodel launches its first line of clothes

Co + Co is the first collection of clothing made from Coco Rocha in collaboration with Paragon Project and her husband James Conran.

Supermodel Coco Rocha has announced the launch of its first line of clothes, Co + Co, in partnership with the Californian Company Paragon Project.

This project includes the support of her husband, the artist James Conran, who has joined in the creative production of the garments.

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The collection includes 60 pieces and is the perfect marriage of a sporty yet refined. Coco wanted to focus primarily on the quality of the fabrics choosing to use waterproof materials and stretch to make garments comfortable and durable at an affordable price. Co + Co will be sold by the end of January on the official website of the model and the cost will range between $ 80 and $ 300 for the release of the collection the webpage was completely changed for itself as a “lifestyle network.”

The campaign will spread mainly through social given the popularity of the supermodel, who has over 1 million followers on Twitter and Instagram.

With a career that has dozens of covers on the most famous fashion magazines in the world, he could only be her star of the campaign. Coco Rocha expands its empire and, for the occasion, will be designers and models.

From 2013 is already part of the show The Face, alongside Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova, where talent, competing with each other, they have the task of finding the supermodel of the future.

For this commitment Coco is not enough. The model, in fact, has always felt the need to leak his concept of style.

That is, a name a certainty, the desire for innovation was also the strength of Coco Chanel. This collection is sure to bring a change in the fashion world that often tends to consider the models as “dummies”.

By the age of 14 years Coco Rocha has always been in contact with the major trend of the moment, parading for the biggest fashion designers. Co. + co is the result of the work of a girl who has made ​​fashion its daily bread.

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