tutu skirt

By the way, now the trend is using tutu, this girl’s fashion is never used up to be discussed because this kind of tutu skirts fashion is really extraordinary when used by our girls.

Tutu is a kind of skirt that uses tile material that expands as is usually used when fancy dresses look attractive and really elegant. This type of fabric is also often used by ballet dancers.

In Paris and abroad, this Tutu is used by infants and children because it is very unique to use a baby, looks very elegant, but not all babies can be comfortable because there are also those who feel itchy. But most of them like to use it for party events or fashion shows.

tutu skirt

There are many types of tutu, but we try to describe just a few types:

1. Tutu Expands

I said developing this tutu when used immediately floats without the slightest drop, this type of tutu is less favored because of the effect of the bottom opening in the baby. People prefer the slightly covered bottom, but this type of tutu skirt is also a trend abroad. So it all depends on your taste and atmosphere.

2. Tiered Tutu

This tutu is most widely made in the Paris Opera and abroad because of factors similar to the skirt in general. It looks terraced like a mountain slope. And can expand better when mixed with different colors like a pink tutu, rainbow tutu, white tutu, black tutu, red tutu,
yellow tutu, blue tutu, green tutu.

3. Blocky Tutu

This type of tutu looks more lumpy at the bottom and mixed with floral motifs. Usually given variations are also in the form of ribbons.

4. Tutu Tulip

Tutu Tulip is the most dominating because it has a model that resembles a skirt in general and is more comfortable to use anywhere considering this type of multi-functional tutu skirts.

5. Tutu 1 Layer

This tutu is usually used by ballet dancers because of its simple shape like a flat plate. Light to do many attractions.

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