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How to combine colors according to skin and clothing color

One of the biggest difficulties when dressing is how to combine the colors according to our skin color and the color of the clothes themselves. It is a true art. Here again appears the maxim that it is not necessary to have the best clothes to look more elegant , just knowing how to combine them, in addition, of course, of knowing how to wear them.

About the last we have already talked and we have been that it is more a personal style difficult to change than some guidelines to follow, since it cannot be modified from day to morning, but from the first, that is, the color combination itself that you can learn a lot and keep it in mind.

Moreover, even as a secret cutlet, you can have some instructions that will improve any look …

According to skin color

The color of the skin influences a lot when choosing a garment of a certain color, not everyone will favor us more, there will even be some that do the opposite. Usually, three types of skin tone are usually distinguished: light skin, intermediate skin and dark skin.

Clear skin

Whiter or lighter skin will favor colors like black, gray, dark blue, beige, white, red, gold and silver. All of them are primary colors and with a hue, that complements the skin well.

Intermediate skin

The intermediate skins, meanwhile, are favored by being in between, so the choice of one color or another is more extensive and range from the already mentioned white, black and red to dark blue, adding here the clear blue, gray or beige.

Dark skin

And the third tone in a category that is too general, that of dark skin looks for colors that, like white, highlight the skin more, since the game of contrasts stands out and looks great. You can also choose a very colorful blue, as well as yellow, fuchsia, green or black.

combine colors

According to the color of the clothes

Once limited the colors that favor us more and those that favor us less (a fact that does not prevent us from dressing anyone), we go with the color of the clothes. Here the guidelines are better known and even discussed according to tastes and preferences. One of the general categories is this:

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It is one of the wild colors, it combines well with almost anyone but you have to avoid mixing it with the lighter colors because it will not stand out so much and will not favor the wearer. Better with more vivid colors. The simple choice of a white t-shirt with jeans sums up how much you can take advantage of that color, it looks good on almost every occasion.


The opposite color to the previous one and at the same time, the one that best combines with white, because together they get one of the star fashion looks. Black and white together is synonymous with class if they know how to wear. The elegance of black, the sensuality that is usually attributed to this color, in addition to the slimming effect, make it a favorite when it comes to dressing since it combines very well with almost all colors, especially with red, blue, fuchsia, purple …


For men it is one of the favorite colors while in recent years it has gained a very prominent space in any female wardrobe. The gray is the mixture of the previous two, is combinable with almost everything, favors figure and it is informal yet elegant. From blue to burgundy, not forgetting certain greens or browns.


Another of the most neutral and popular options according to styles. The difficulty comes when combining it. For this, they usually bet on colors of their own range, that is, beige, sand, earth … a difficult but very grateful color.


Although if we talk about a popular color, blue wins anyone. The most seen and the most grateful. The range of blues is so wide and wearable that it can be mixed with anyone, from the mentioned white to almost any red, creating one of the most flattering looks. It is very difficult to fail with him.


Like brown, or we like it or it is relegated to the bottom of the closet. The difficulty in combining it is another catch against him. Even so, the green is very grateful when it dresses well, either mixing it with the green ones in other shades, also with certain grays, and the jokers: black and white.


The closest representation to passion is red but you have to take it to its right extent. Either a full red passion dress or when dressing combine it with the three most general options: black, white and gray. Now, the red and some beautiful jeans, has no fault.


A very nice color to look at but that also asks for moderation. Colors such as gray or white continue to make their best side, as well as pink, green, blue (especially) and even brown.


The hue of roses means we can choose fuchsias or pale roses, two extremes that have their respective preferred colors, among which denim stands out again, a very casual and favorable option for day to day, or other general ones: Black, gray or white.

So you know, about tastes are the colors but always with a certain order when combining them.


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