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How to combine jewelry with clothes some practical tips!

Often underestimated, accessories are a fundamental component of any outfit, but choosing the right ones is not always easy.

What is the most suitable jewel to enhance a neckline? What is the best necklace to combine with a formal dress? And during the day, what are the most suitable accessories to wear? If you have always asked yourself these questions, the time has come to resolve your doubts. I have selected for you some practical tips on how to combine jewelry with clothes!

Often underestimated, accessories are a fundamental component of any outfit, but choosing the right ones is not always easy. The jewels, in fact, not only determine the success or otherwise of a look, but they can play down it, enrich it and add character even to the apparently simpler and more casual one.

A rule of all should be remembered when we go to combine jewelry with clothes, and that of balance: if we wear a very important necklace, large in size or with flashy details, the earrings must be small and minimal, if not absent. If instead you wear an important earring, such as a pendant or an ultra-colored model, the advice is to combine a necklace with simple and delicate lines.

1. How to wear and choose the right jewels

Clothing and accessories must be carefully chosen, always paying close attention to the style, the colors and the occasion in which they will be worn. We have summarized for you in five practical points some tips to avoid mistakes when you have to combine jewelry with clothes …

The metals you wear must be matched. Gold pairs with gold, silver with silver and so on;

Gold, silver and steel. Undisputed synonym of elegance, the gold-colored jewels bring out the tan and, in particular, the warm reflections of the blond hair. Suitable to complete the most formal looks, they go well with brown, black, deep red, burgundy and the whole range of pastel colors such as pink, blue and green. Silver or steel-colored jewels, on the other hand, lend themselves more easily to accompany casual and sporty looks, but they can play down and make even the most sensual outfit intriguing. Perfect if combined with bright and bright colored clothes such as turquoise, emerald green and yellow, never go wrong if you wear them with an elegant black dress;

Colored jewels. They are a must have. Easily combined with solid-colored looks and dresses, thanks to them, all total white or black outfits and in neutral tones will receive a touch of color, and will be more lively and jaunty. Do not be intimidated but, on the contrary, dare and play with colors, always keeping in mind the color of your dress or your look;

Never go overboard with accessories! The password to appeal to? Sobriety. The general rule would require the combination of jewels with simple and essential lines to fancy dresses or in bright colors and, on the contrary, to combine the more sober and elegant clothes with colored stones or more important jewels.

Large necklaces = small earrings. Crucial moment when it comes to combining jewelry with clothes: if the necklace is large and showy (maybe even colored), it is better to focus on small earrings or simple light points. If, on the other hand, the earrings you are going to wear are very important in both shapes and colors, it is better to prefer delicate and thin chokers, or not to wear any necklace.

 2. Match necklaces and dresses

First of all, before correctly matching necklaces with clothes, it is necessary to analyze the type of neckline. If you are wearing a shirt with a collar, you just need to wear a thin necklace, perhaps a round neck one, which can be seen leaving the first button open. On the contrary, long necklaces with one or more turns are particularly suitable for high necklines, such as sweaters and turtlenecks.

If the neckline is round, prefer short necklaces such as chokers and necklaces, if on the contrary, it is very wide (such as the band, heart or boat), you can opt for a jewel that enriches your décolleté: necklaces with pendants, with multiple threads or with pendants of various sizes.

With the elegant and sensual V-neckline you can opt for thinner and more delicate necklaces for the less wide necklines, while for the deeper ones you can choose the models that follow and enhance their depth.

3. Match necklaces and ceremony dresses

In the first place among the most suitable jewels for ceremonies, weddings and gala evenings are pearls, gold, silver and precious stones because they are considered great classics but at the same time very versatile, capable of reinventing themselves thanks to the new proposals contemporary. Feel free to combine jewelry with clothes in the way you like best, always keeping a balance between the line of the dress you will wear and that of the accessories you will go with.

The neckline can be enhanced or not based on the jewels that accompany it: for this reason it is essential to choose the right necklace, capable of enhancing the line of the neck and your décolleté. The most classic round neckline is combined with a necklace of the same shape, while the longer, thinner necklaces or with multiple turns and details are suitable for all types of décolleté: if the dress is simple and plain, this model lengthens the bust and gives harmony to the complex.

A dress or shirt with collar should be enhanced with a crew neck, perhaps enriched with special decorations or colored beads. For a V-neckline opt for a jewel with simple lines and a small pendant that follows the depth of the neckline, however, if yours is a fancy dress, pick up the main color with the necklace, to give continuity to your look.

 4. Match necklaces with all-day dresses

When combining jewelry with everyday clothes you will have to pay attention to the fabric of what you wear: wool sweaters, for example, can easily be attached to necklaces with pendants or embossed details, thus ruining themselves.

To enrich your daytime outfit, simply focus on simple lines but with some particular details, such as a showy necklace, more or less large, combined with small earrings (perfect light points and pearls). In this case, you can also indulge yourself and play with overlaps: use multiple necklaces, of different lengths, shapes and colors, and wear them all together.

5. Match earrings with clothes

Long or short button pendants: each woman’s jewelry box contains an infinite number of earrings. A long, thin earring is perfect for an elegant gathered hairstyle and enriches an uncovered neck. Perfect to wear in the evening, you can combine them with long elegant dresses. Dare with the colors and precious stones that will illuminate your face.

If the earrings are rather elaborate, like the gipsy-inspired models (very showy and colorful), in yellow gold or platinum, it is advisable not to wear necklaces, otherwise you risk making the look too heavy on the whole. Perfect to combine with day looks, with their shapes and details they can play down too elegant and serious outfits, as well as the little flashy and almost invisible earrings, but with particular details, they give that extra touch of light to your outfit.

6. Match the rings to the clothes

The most important rule to follow when it comes to matching rings with clothes? Always keep a balance between the shapes, the colors and the theme of the rings you are going to wear. If you are wearing a dark suit, combine it with just one ring but large: both colorful and in a unique shade, it will be ideal to give a touch of color to the whole. If, on the other hand, your outfit is more casual and casual, you can wear metal rings, even more than one, but always with simple and essential lines.

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