Capsule wardrobes are becoming incredibly popular with those people looking to slim down the amount of items of clothing that they have whilst still looking stylish and comfortable. The concept behind the wardrobe is to have a number of staple items that you can then mix and match to create an almost endless number of outfits.

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For women this will include having a couple of dresses and skirts as well as tops and trousers. By mixing together the items to create different combinations you remove the need to have hundreds of different clothing items clogging up your wardrobe space. It is important to also have a number of different shoes and some accessories such as scarves and necklaces as these can help to lift an outfit from day time to an evening look.

For men the capsule wardrobe will contain a number of trousers and shorts as well as a variety of shirts such as Mens Farah Brewer Shirts and outerwear. Again shoes in a variety of styles are important as are mens accessories such as belts and hats.

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The best way to start thinking about a capsule wardrobe is to sort through all your old clothing and anything that you haven’t worn in the last six months and that isn’t special occasion wear you should either recycle or store away. Some people like to create a summer and a winter capsule wardrobe and store the non seasonal items in storage bags until such time as they are needed and then swap them over.

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