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How to dress to look slimmer?

Do you want to look slimmer but don’t know how to do it? Here are our style tips …

Agreeing to follow the latest fashion trends, it’s okay to buy the must-have clothing of the season and steps to choose and show off the most beautiful accessories of the moment, but if all this does not make us appear at the top, then it is not really worth it penalty.

We are more practical: what is the point in wearing leather shorts if our thighs seem larger than they really are? Why forcefully wear ultra-tight trousers if this shows every single flaw? It makes absolutely no sense, we agree with you, but above all we risk appearing rounder to others and feeling self-confident. Here, the latter effect is certainly the worst, because when you lose confidence in yourself and in your image, then we will be fragile and everyone will notice it. Do you want this? We really believe not.

There is only one thing we can do in this case, which is to understand how to dress to look slimmer. Understanding which garments are best for us, those that make the silhouette look better and above all how to combine them with each other and with accessories, is the only solution we can put into practice to achieve the desired result. Here are our tips to look slimmer.

Choice of underwear

Let’s start right from the base, then from the underwear, because choosing the wrong one will greatly damage the appearances. The one without seams is the best, provided it is really good, and above all it will avoid squeezing where you have some roundness. Pay attention to the size, it makes no sense to buy a tight slip! Be comfortable and when you try on the lingerie always wear the shirt or trousers to see the final effect it makes. If it marks you too much, let it be and try something else. Moreover, if you need to hide some roundness, especially in the case of slipped or tight-fitting clothes, focus on the restraining underwear.

look slimmer

Choose the right size

Buying a small just to say that you are wearing a small, when you should instead wear a medium or more, it is a beautiful and good folly. Choose the right size for you and not the one that others would like to see you wear! It is also good to pay attention to the brand, because not everyone is able to follow their lines to perfection. If you really can’t find anything, ask a tailor.

look slimmer

Say no to too bulky clothes

If you are a bit pienotte you end up wearing excessively larger clothes. Let them stay; they will make you look even more round. On the other hand, let the squeezed ones stay away too, because they risk highlighting every single defect. The true solution is the middle way or you could play on the volumes, highlighting your strengths. Do you have slender legs? Choose a maxi shirt that is a bit long and below worn leggings or tight pants. If, on the other hand, your hips or your backside is the problem, you prefer skirts, better those slightly flared.

look slimmer

The choice of colors

This is not discussed, black slims, as do other dark colors. For example, when you buy jeans, you prefer the ones with the darkest wash while you should really let the washy ones go. Even when you have to buy a jacket, choose something dark and above all try to wear it often, so as to counterbalance the silhouette and even cover the arms.

look slimmer

Chic necklines

The necklines that best enhance a woman’s body are vertical ones, especially if the breast is your strong point. Instead, avoid boat or horizontal ones, because optically they will make your shoulders even wider, as well as the bust.

look slimmer

The choice of shoes

Finally, among the secrets on how to dress to look slimmer, we suggest you always choose heeled shoes. This is not to say that you have to wear stratospheric and nasty heels every day, rather something that helps you recover a few inches more. Aim for plateaus, which are easier to digest and on medium heels.

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