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How to dress pants to go to the office

Dress pants-I have heard a phrase that says that we should dress pants for the job that we aspire to have and although an ascent or a good position of work goes much beyond our appearance. Our image is very important and that is why today I want to leave you several tips so that you get the best looks to go to work.

The basics come first

dress pants

The secret of knowing what to wear is in having the correct garments in the wardrobe bottom. Wardrobe bottoms are those easy-to-match basic pieces that you can use over and over again without looking repetitive.

For example, as a wardrobe background you should have: a white button-down shirt, a neutral-colored dress pants, a trench coat or nude coat, flat shoes closed (in excellent condition), a black silk blouse among others.

Let’s elevate the look

Once you have a good wardrobe background, you can acquire some statement pieces. The statement garments are those unique and special pieces that make any look become a look difficult to forget. Usually these clothes are in vogue and have a unique style that takes all the attention in the look. It can be a skirt with a striking pattern, a garment in a strong color or you can even raise your look with a scarf or a few maxi earrings to give that unique touch. The statements are not for use very frequently, but you can use them with different basic pieces to always assemble different outfits.

Plan your looks

Although you have the best of each collection of your favorite stores, there may be days where you do not know what to wear and I want to leave you a couple of tips to make these “difficult days” less frequent: every time you buy a garment, look in your closet 5 ways to use it to go to work. For example: If you bought a printed dress pants, make several combinations for both hot days and slightly cloudy days, so it will be easier to make combinations in your day to day. Another option is to plan your outfits on the weekend so you will not have to think about what to wear during the week.

Take into account some aspects

When it comes to looks to go to work you should always avoid some clothes or styles that can get to communicate something wrong in the office such as:

  • Transparencies: Personally, I love them, but at work they can get to look vulgar, so if you have silk blouses that are a little transparent, it is best to wear a colored blouse on the inside to prevent the blouse from looking very translucent
  • Necklines: I know that this is a problem when we have many boobs, since the minimum neckline can be seen much exaggerated; however, you can choose to wear a top or bra more discreet so you are comfortable without feeling that you are going to leave.
  • Skirts or dresses very short: This we can measure when we sit down. The best thing is that in the store, when you go to buy such a garment, you sit down and move around a lot to know if it is really going to work for you. Since at work in many moments we will have to climb stairs, sit in a boardroom or even bend over to pick something up. Another tip with respect to this is that if you are going to wear a skirt or a very light fabric, put on a short lira to avoid that if the wind picks you up, you will see the shorts.

How to Dress Professionally and Fashion Entrepreneurship?

Employing this incredible garment can give you a great presence in the middle of a panel of lecturers, business meetings, among others.

There are several advantages when using it:

  • It is easy to combine with several pieces of clothing.
  • Give formality to different types of look improving your personality.
  • If you choose the right one, it can make you look more athletic or athletic according to the build you have.
  • It can last for many years, so it is a good investment.
  • It is timeless because you can really use it at any time of the year.

You should also have several considerations when choosing one, for example:

  • That is not very tight.
  • Choose the fit according to your complexion and always considering that you will wear more clothes under it.

Preferably use timeless colors such as black, gray or navy blue to highlight your hands and your face, this is very important when you get to give lectures.

The glasses

Wearing glasses as part of your Outfit can give you a great different perspective, for example:

  • They make you look smarter.
  • It protects you against dust or debris in the air.
  • They are a great fashion accessory.

If you use them black or with polarized their advantages are broad:

  • They protect you against UV rays.
  • They protect the skin around the eyes.
  • In addition to giving a better appearance with your outfit.

Also, you must take into account is that when talking to a customer or formalizing a business relationship, avoid using sunglasses or reflective lenses, as the human brain likes more power to look directly into the eyes and this offers Greater chances of a sale or having a new partner.

Comfortable Jeans, Dress Pants and Incredible Dresses

Although something recommendable when wearing jeans or dress pants, it is preferable to use them in dark tones, since these colors have an endless number of applications for different occasions.

Now, if women like more than one dress, they can consider the following:

  • Combine it with a jacket or blazer that highlights your personality.
  • Not having much cleavage.
  • Not having much stamping so it does not distract.
  • Avoid that they are very short.

It is worth mentioning that you learn to adapt colors according to your company or business so that in this way you can highlight the personality or image with which you want to impact people.

The most important thing of all this is that you never forget the essence of your own style, be yourself, reinvent yourself at every moment and do not be afraid of change. Remember that the image is merely a support, but it will not do the work for you to grow your business.

Finally, being an entrepreneur often involves having a tight schedule and until the time spent choosing what to use is the minimum necessary, however, some dress tips that can empower you when you try to get potential partners, investors or sell a product would not hurt you. Or service to a potential client.

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