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When the change of season arrives, it’s always the same story: we never know what to wear and we spend hours in front of the mirror to understand if the clothes of the year before are fine and are still in fashion. In the end we fall back on some new purchases, but it is not easy even to understand what the seasonal trends are: fashion changes constantly and it would be embarrassing to show off clothes that are now outdated. In order not to make a mistake, we always go to read the latest fashion and lifestyle news. The tips that we offer you today come from this site, so if you want to learn more, you just have to go and read the latest articles.

Casual outfit on all occasions: timeless jeans and sneakers

Even in the new season, jeans are confirmed as the trendiest items of clothing, to show off on all occasions, including more formal ones. The casual outfit is easily transformed into chic by combining simple jeans with an elegant shirt or even a formal jacket. The same can be said of the shoes: sneakers continue to be popular and can be worn in any context: just knowing how to combine them with a certain attention. Indeed, even wedding fashion contemplates classic sneakers instead of decidedly more elegant heels. So go ahead to the casual chic outfit in every situation, without fear of appearing out of place. The latest trends speak clearly in this sense: sportswear can be easily combined with more elegant ones for a modern and refined look.

The great return of Parisian socks

Good news for all women concerns Parisian socks: a garment that we can take out of the closet and show off again this year because they are back in fashion! Beloved, they allow you to always look at the top showing off a trendy look without giving up protecting the body from the cold. The Parisian, or the socks that reach above the knee, are in fact in knitted wool and keep us warm even when winter begins to be felt. Unfortunately, they do not give to everyone and although they can be worn with any outfit they look great with miniskirts. You need to have a slender physique to appear at the top with the Parisians, so if you are short and not really skinny it is better to avoid and continue with the classic socks.

Tartan: the new must have for autumn / winter

The new entry of this season is a reason that not everyone loves madness but that by force of things we will get used to seeing around often. We are talking about tartan, which has already conquered several clothing brands. The Scottish-inspired checkered pattern seems to be increasingly popular and we will find it everywhere: from skirts to pants, from coats to scarves and of course also in sweaters! If you don’t like it, you should get used to the idea because this is the real must have of the new season and at least one item in the wardrobe should have it if you want to be really trendy in autumn and winter!

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