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Fashion brand-Would you like to venture into the world of fashion and do not know how to do it? Here we leave you a list of the 7 things that you should keep in mind when you decide to launch yourself to the market.

Launching a brand to the market does not imply that you are necessarily a designer, creative or artist, but you do have a taste for fashion that is very defined and developed. Your intuition, business skills, visual aesthetics, will be necessary for you to stand out in this increasingly competitive business.

In the fashion market, stand out those brands and designers more disruptive. That is, those who are not afraid of change, who are risky and innovative. Designing today, rather than making a drawing on paper, is to make a garment a trend.

Tips to launch your fashion brand in 7 steps

 fashion brand in 7 steps

If you are still a novice, enterprising and want to create your own brand but do not know where to start, here are the steps that will guide you in your fashion project:

  • Brand Name: Choose a name that is easy to remember and that reflects the personality of the brand. It may even be your first name. Verify that you are free of trademark rights and that your domain is free. If in the future you want to open your website.
  • Logo: Hire an agency that designs your brand’s corporate identity, start with your logo, cosmologist. And copy. Later you can make advertising pieces or merchandising.
  • Social Networks: You will have to open your Instagram and Facebook accounts and start making content of value for your audience. Also, hire an expert in digital marketing to help you position your products effectively.
  • Product Photography: Having quality images is mandatory for fashion businesses, since everything comes through the eyes and your customers will want to see how the clothes on display.
  • Portfolio: Every designer and fashion brand must have a digital portfolio where they can show their products; this is their letter of introduction to future clients and strategic allies.
  • Labels: Your products will need a label with brand information and indications for use; we do not want customers to damage the garments due to washing and / or maintenance errors.
  • Packaging: Speak very well of your brand that you deliver your garments in a striking and beautiful package. Currently, there are many eco-friendly and re-usable options in the market.

You must also make a list of the strategic allies you need to sell your products, that is, recognized boutiques or online stores where you can market your clothes and position your brand as.

How to build memorable brands?

Learn about these 5 tips on how you can build a memorable brand.

In the world of marketing, brands represent one of the most important assets of a company. That is why designers and entrepreneurs must work on strengthening their brands to make them memorable over time.


  • EVOCATION: Your brand must relate to the attributes and benefits it offers; that is, the name of your product must be related to the image you want to project to your clients.
  • USE OF COLORS: Find out what color identifies your products, what feelings and emotions produce in the image of your brand.
  • AVOID THE SATURATION OF YOUR LOGO: When you design your logo do not place too many elements that confuse or distract, in design less is more.
  • LOGO APPLICATIONS: Check the use of your logo in different formats, very complex logos or with many colors are usually mostly expensive and difficult to reproduce in some pieces such as clothing, signs and some finishes.
  • PERSONALITY OF THE BRAND: Define the personality of your brand, build a profile, who is it, what does it do, how does it look, is it young and daring, or rather adventurous? The clearer you have the personality of your brand, the easier you can recognize who your customers are.

Remember that the brand is the most representative part of a company, if you have a business idea in the fashion or decoration sector and you want to launch a brand to the market.