Fashion hairstyles

The bride who has just started her ‘year of glory’ is keeping her eyes open to the trends that will rule this fashion hairstyles 2019. For her, we present ideas that will set the tone in terms of fashion hairstyles.

At this point surely you have your eye on the wedding dress and you noticed that your hair will be one of those important aspects to take into account to complete that bridal look with your bridal bouquet you have decided to wear.

And if you still invest hours to find the ideal, that suits your fantastic and untamed hair and above all expectations. Let us help you with this battery of proposals that are trend in bridal fashion hairstyles 2019. Do you like monkeys? Be happy, because they remain in force. Do you prefer freedom and minimalism? Also for you, more than one proposal that will make you fall in love. Lovers of accessories should know now that flowers, headbands, veils, crowns have not lost prominence this year.


Fashion hairstyles

One of the constants that will rule during 2019 regarding bridal hairstyles will be naturalness. The fashion hairstyles for long hair will look loose and carefree. The chemical smooth or the iron was left behind and now governs the ease. But always with the romantic touch of the wreaths or the elegance of braided metal tiaras with applications of rhinestones.

Present bows

If something is clear to us is that this summer, and in the spring, Peruvian brides will wear a hairstyle collected much more than before because the proposals for bows is vast. Bows everywhere for each style, from the low, medium. And high and very high, the latter being the favorite of brides looking for a night hairstyle that makes them look elegant and very romantic.

 You can also find completely perfect and cared bows or the messy / destroy, even the classic braided bun. The work that in itself involves the braiding of a hair and its subsequent collection in a bun gives it extra volume and therefore greater prominence. And if you are determined to enhance your look. You know that small florets or tiaras are good companions.

Fashionable braids

It is clear to us that the braided hair will continue to march towards the altar during 2019. Depending on the season in which you marry. Your style and the length of your hair could resolve to be the most chic and vanguard bride with a destroy braid that they love so much your celebrities A semi-combed hairstyle with braided crown or the one preferred by romantic brides. The medieval braid . The proposals are here, you just have to decide.


It makes its reappearance in style in the hair of the bride 2019: the tail. It is a wonderful idea for brides who want to wear a high hairstyle. Because it can be made to different heights and styles. They are great to easily handle their long hair during that long task that awaits them the day of their marriage. The tails provide a hairstyle easy to retouch in front of the mirror and, moreover. Add a romantic and innocent touch to your look. Of course, without losing glamour.


Flowers and veils are not the only ones present in the bridal hairstyle for this year. There are also diadems, brooches, tiaras and headdresses, in natural or metallic fibers, with or without fine rhinestones / crystals. Therefore, if you want to give a plus to your look. You know that you can accompany it with some of these flirty accessories that also escort hairstyles for short hair.

You could choose a hairstyle for your civil marriage and another for the religious if they are carried out on different days. Or suddenly, go to your professional stylist who can assist you and help you choose the most versatile one.

If you liked these ideas, imagine what bridal styling will bring us in bridal fashion hairstyles 2019. We are sure you want to show them off! And if you still need to define the party dresses that your bridesmaids will wear. Do not lose sight of our catalog in which you will find the most beautiful proposals of the designers.

Fashionable hairstyles and new trends for different hair styles

If you are looking for a new fashionable hairstyle to go spectacular to your office, school, events, parties or a wedding. You are in the right place. Since we want to help you so that you are always with the trend and show a hairstyle with which you feel comfortable and you look cute and fashionable.


The trend has moved between models of hairstyles of short hair and some more daring as the shaved side. We have seen that medium and short hair has been the choice of many girls interested in giving a new look to your hair.

But of course we also find new trends for long hair, which are accompanied by braids and hairstyles collected.


With long hair you have a large list of possibilities to change your look: cascading, root, French, spike, sideways, semi-reeled, crown, etc …

Actually the options that you have at your fingertips are almost endless, all you need is to feel inspired. Or let your imagination fly, and we will also show you some models to inspire you.

You can start by doing fashion hairstyles with braids that is the most typical thing to start changing your look, due to the wide variety of options you can change your style of hairstyle little by little, until launching for something more risky

Braids are the order of the day as an option for modern hairstyles for long hair, but some require a lot of hair such as braids on the side or some pigtails with pigtails require enough hair to make them look good.

The rolled braid is a modern hairstyle that has also been used a lot, it is a very simple hairstyle and as you can see you can combine it with some braids to give it a different touch.

The collected hairstyles will also always be a good choice for combing, one of the modern picks that are trend are inverted Francesca braids collected at the top.

In this fashionable hairstyle, step by step. You will be able to realize that it is not as complicated as it seems and you can fix your hair in a matter of minutes.

Fashionable hairstyle collected step by step

The options for long hair are practically endless , you can use the braids and play with your hair to give it the shape you want, and if you risk a little more changing the color of your hair could be a good choice for you.


One of the trends that has been observed is the change of hair dye, opting some girls for hair of ash. Or blue tone, either changing the color of all the hair. Or combining it with its original color, giving it a more jovial and carefree style to your hair

For trendy short hair the braids are again present. The water fall hairstyles for short hair have been pretty, along with tail braids.

In these hairstyles you can also find some that will help you get that sweet side you’ve had hidden. But you can also find some more risky options to have a more rocker look. Such as some side braids, or an asymmetric shaved hair in which only shave the side of the hair and leave the other long.

Within the trendy fashion hairstyles for short hair the ones collected are among the options, a hairstyle picked up with short hair is much easier to make. But harder to keep in place. It is important to help with fixative or perhaps some clamps that allow everything to remain in place.

If you have not yet found a look that you like, do not be afraid to experiment. You do not have to do it when you go to an important event. But as mentioned above, just let your imagination fly and you will end up with a hairstyle that you like and that makes you feel comfortable.