Furniture Trends

It’s really true: sooner or later everything returns! How many times have you seen on the catwalks of haute couture garments and accessories that seemed to come directly from the wardrobe of the past? It is increasingly common to see clothing that takes inspiration from the psychedelic fantasies of the 70s or from the fluorescent colors of the 80s or very high models who wear elegant shoes that recall the timeless “Marlene”.

Do you remember them? They are Jimmy Choo’s feather shoes made famous by Carrie Bradshow in the Sex and the City series. A real must have for all fashion victims! If you think this only applies to fashion, you are wrong! Even for the furniture sector, there are trends that return and appropriate some stylistic diktats of past years! It will be the year of bright colors, glass, super vintage and retro inspirations that mix with industrial details … without, of course, missing some touches of animal print!

Furniture Trends

Less is more

Do not be frightened, the password that must unite all these trends is “less is more”. Any accessory or piece of furniture must be chosen with great care and attention. It must be contextualized within our homes in a harmonious way and respecting the canons of minimalism. If, alas, you are a compulsive accumulator, you start to tremble! You will have to make every room in our home cozy but essential. Therefore, the time has come to review something in your living room: prefer geometric patterns and square shapes but above all have fun playing with fabrics. They will be another real must!

Colors on

It’s official, the time has come to say ‘goodbye to pastel colors’! We welcome more eclectic and more vibrant colors. Used with the right care, and without giving up our unmistakable good taste, they can give that touch of ‘character’ and movement to any room in our home. If you are wondering what will be the season’s hottest colors for 2019, the answer is simple: The electric blue, the lemon yellow, the bright red and dark green. This year you really dare! You are ready?

Metals: gold, silver, rose gold

The essentiality, however, must also rhyme with elegance and refinement. Your homes will have to be transformed into ‘precious’ environments. The undisputed protagonists will be metals such as brass, gold, silver and above all rose gold. Perfect to be used as finishes for our furnishing accessories. Gold chromed coffee tables with marble shelves, sophisticated chandeliers with brass structure and crystal drops can be combined with sofas with velvet fabrics: another super trend this year!

The glass

The glass, in all its variety of forms and colors, will be another major trend. Design objects in tempered or opaque worked glass cannot be missing in the homes of all design lovers … especially in the silk-screened version! Among the stands of exhibitors, you will find many furniture and furnishing accessories with glass details: unique and original! If you love the play of light and re-create welcoming and relaxing atmosphere within your home, you will be caught by table lamps, from sconces and chandeliers in Murano to which entire fair stands are dedicated. You will be spoiled for choice! One thing is not discussed … use a soft light during your most romantic moments.

Vintage and industrial

The beautiful journey back in time already begun during 2018 will continue in 2019. A dive into the past that combines the rigid elements of industrial style with the romanticism of vintage or retro-flavored objects. The vintage spirit, with the warmth of its materials such as solid wood, meets and merges with the rigorous character of the industrial style and its elements in steel, metal and glass. Some ‘industrial pieces’ seem to come directly from old factories: work tables, letters from old signs, hydraulic pipes and metal stools. Simple objects with a metropolitan cut, which meeting with recycled elements, such as velvet sofas, leather armchairs and old frames will give a more elegant and sophisticated touch to our rooms. Are you ready to leave for distant destinations with ‘jungle’ connotations? The animal print, in its tiger, leopard and zebra stripes, will be another strong trend that will make our home change its ‘skin’. A wild and sensual trend that will surely conquer the most daring spirits! I want to give you some advice: especially use it on textiles and rugs, being careful not to overdo it: the risk could be to find yourself living in a super kitsch jungle. Besides, who would dare to feed the lion?

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