Grunge Style In Clothing For Women- Trends In 2019

The list of styles of clothing for girls is extremely extensive. Every year, some of them return, while others, on the contrary, retreat to the 2nd plan. For example, the direction of the grunge style, which in the 1980s originated on the streets of Seattle (USA, Washington), is once again conquering the podiums and streets of the world. Initially, it was a kind of protest directed against stereotypes, social norms, and fashionable standards. Bright and shocking in nature, this manner of dressing appealed to creative individuals, confident that things should not determine the status of a person, that their purpose is, above all, to perform their utilitarian functions well.

Grunge Style In Clothing For Women- Trends In 2019

In English, the term “grunge” sounds like “unpleasant” or even “repulsive.” Initially, this word was called actual for the last decade of the last century musical direction (a kind of explosive mixture of punk rock and heavy metal). Characteristic features of this music are gloomy texts, a cacophony of sounds. But gradually, the grunge style goes to the world fashion catwalks, forcing many designers to refer to this controversial and nontrivial style from time to time.

The adherents of the direction are accustomed to shocking others with their appearance: untidy wrinkled things, worn-out overalls, dimensionless, as if from someone else’s shoulder, shirts, worn clothes on a coat, deformed sleeves, an abundance of slits on the pants of various sizes with long or short fringe, worn shoes.

Today, one can hardly surprise anyone with such a dressing style. In 2019th, this direction fits well not only into the wardrobe of a large number of energetic, mobile, self-confident modern youth: boys and girls, but also people of the older age group. Try it and you look for inspiration on the photo from fashion shows to replenish your own wardrobe with defiant and bold grunge style products.

Distinctive features of grunge style

A very relaxed direction is a mix of a variety of things collected in one outfit. And the wardrobe items are absolutely not required to harmonize with each other. An example would be such sets as the must-have of the current season – massive biker boots with a summer sarafid of flowing silk, complemented by a leather jacket. Or mini denim shorts with a checkered jacket made of natural wool, as well as cropped slim jeans with suspenders and a faded printed vest.

The presence of unisex-details: coarse shoes, straight cut shirts, boyfriend jeans are welcome. All this should not be carefully otglazhivat. On the contrary, things should look a bit crumpled. Blazers, jackets, coats of grunge should look as if you are wearing outerwear from someone else’s shoulder. Among its subspecies stand out:

  • grunge glamor with a large number of accessories (chains, bracelets, hats with feathers or metal decor);
  • eclectic grunge (a combination of traditional elements with “cigarette” pants, boyfriend shirts).

A bright distinctive feature of grunge is multi-layered when a shirt is worn over a T-shirt, and from under the leather jacket, you can see a T-shirt, a shirt and a voluminous jumper. And all this is not at all for the sake of heat. The colors are mostly dark, neutral, as well as all the shades of the natural color palette: khaki, gray, mocha, sand, anthracite. Juicy tones, patterns, and ornaments are excluded. More practicality and brutality.Grunge Style In Clothing For Women- Trends In 2019

Wardrobe in the style of “grunge” for girls and for women

It is possible to select models among a wide variety of options, but the grunge should definitely be present in the image:

  • Combine leather, velvet, knitwear, cashmere, and denim in one ensemble.
  • Multi-layered. Thanks to her, it is not difficult to get a special stylish carelessness.
  • The effect of “aged texture”: minor gaps, scuffs, knocked down noses of boots, unstitched fringe.

If at the dawn of the 90s, clothes made in a grunge manner could, indeed, be absolutely anyone, today mostly branded, super-quality items are suitable for forming actual look. Comfort comes first. External chic means nothing compared to convenience and versatility, eclecticism and even deliberates carelessness. This style is a win-win solution for both brutal, expressive personalities, and for women with a subtle mental organization.

The first will prefer rock grunge, which implies the use of a tractor sole, a classic / Scottish cage, rivets. , bright ornament on clothes and much more. The image for the summer can be complemented by sandals on a flat course. The basic wardrobe in the grunge style will look like this:

trousers from stretch denim not in size (boyfriends);

  • oversize monochrome sweater;
  • T-shirts and T-shirts with large prints of elastic fabric (knit or viscose);
  • double-breasted velvet jacket;
  • massive semi-boots / boots in man’s style;
  • straight woolen coat;
  • cap smooth knit (beanie);
  • leather jacket without decor from a natural material with a smooth texture;
  • Plaid shirt from the flannel of the free cut.

Grunge Style In Clothing For Women- Trends In 2019

Accessories and other important grunge details.

The first step is to take care of the bag. It can be a clutch, a soft-shaped backpack, a postman’s bag (aka messenger bag). Sunglasses are appropriate, the model of which depends exclusively on personal preferences: retro, SLR, oversized. Play with colorful bright glasses and frames of the most non-trivial forms. Look for jewelry in the author’s collections. It is better if the accessories are a piece.

A spectacular hairstyle, including bright dye on the hair – one of the characteristic features of grunge. Strands can be painted in any tone, including completely outrageous shades: green, blue, pink, purple. The most courageous persons choose a sloppy high “tail” or loosely rolled strands with the effect of “unwashed hair”. However, this image is not created as a result of forgetfulness, but with the help of styling. As a headdress, you can use a hat with a brim without decor, laconic caps, beanie.

Grunge Style In Clothing For Women- Trends In 2019

If desired, liberated grunge can be successfully combined with models of the unisex, vintage, casual, military. Combinations with things done in a glamorous manner are undesirable. Misplaced here and all sorts of shimmer: rhinestones, sequins, sequins, and other similar decors. Selecting models in a grunge style is not that difficult. Follow the tips listed above and remember that convenience is a priority. The expressive grunge look is extremely relevant in the coming 2020th. He will allow to express himself, will emphasize individuality. Feel free to abandon stereotypes, experiment, feel free to look for something new and interesting for yourself!