As the weather grows colder, the temptation to pull out the sweaters grows and grows. It is not always that simple, however. With so many different styles of sweater available, with different knits and necklines on offer, you may need a guide as to which is the best to suit you.

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There’s a reason this is so common. It’s not just comfortable but durable, as well as being a suitable accompaniment to any outfit. The popularity also means it should be easy to find in any shop.

Cable knit
This casually rugged look is warm and full of texture. Add a blazer if you want to make it a little smarter.

Subtler and less bulky than the cable knit, but with a similar texture, ribbed sweaters are available to fit anyone.

Once mainly known for its use in Indian shawls, cashmere also makes a very comfortable sweater. It may be more expensive, but it’s also one of the softest and most refined fabrics. A cashmere/cotton mix may lower the price whilst still having the lightness and texture.


Not as good for smarter occasions as the V-neck but the most popular design. Easy to layer and creates a square frame in the wearer. The mens crew neck Aran sweater such as this one: is a classic example.

The V-neck has a simple design that can be used to show off another shirt underneath it, or enable you to best display the knot of your tie. It still works perfectly well as a solo layer.

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Taller men with strong jawlines may like the turtleneck as it draws the eye towards the face. It also has the advantage of being particularly warm during the colder times of the year.

Mock neck
A rarer variant of the turtleneck where the top of the collar stands up rather than folding down to give it less bulk.

Shawl neck/foldover
Named because the folded neck looks akin to a shawl. This is not the style for a formal occasion, as it looks too laid back, but you can still wear it over a button-up shirt.

Better for casual wear but available in a wide range of materials, colours and styles. Traditionally has buttons or zip, but modern versions may be open in front and look like jackets.

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