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H & M Conscious Exclusive 2017 presents dreamwear in sustainable materials

We have already announced several times: H & M cares about the environment and proposes different programs and solutions for allying the impact on it. With the arrival of the new season presents the new collection H & M Conscious Exclusive 2017, this time made from waste recycled coast.

Formed by a complete collection of women, men and – for the first time – for children, this is composed of formal and relaxed lines. In addition, we find the fragrance Conscious Exclusive, made from organic oils.

H & M Conscious

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Fashion can be sustainable

For all this to be possible, the brand has included the cutting edge BIONIC® sustainable material, a recycled polyester made from plastic waste from the coast. The fluidity of the fabric used to create an elaborate pleated dress proves that impeccable style can be respectful to the environment.

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According Pernilla Wohlfahrt, director of design and creative director of H & M …

For the H & M design team this year’s Conscious Exclusive campaign is an opportunity to dream and create beautiful and extravagant clothing. It is amazing to see what is possible with sustainable materials, such as the delicate pleated dress we have made from BIONIC®.

H & M Conscious

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Natalia Vodianova is the image of the campaign, which was her first first makes for H & M …

I am proud to be a part of H & M’s Conscious Exclusive campaign. It is amazing to see the advances in the sustainable fabrics that are used in the collection, which foresees a more sustainable future for all fashion.

The collection will be available in 160 stores worldwide and online from April 20.

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