Weddings are always a fabulous opportunity to buy a new outfit, to really look your best. You’ll want to think top to toe when choosing your outfit, shoes and accessories.

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Coordinating accessories with wedding guest dresses is the first step. Often, the handbag is one of the finishing touches that gets overlooked.

Here are six handbag essentials

Compact mirror

We all want to look our best at every moment at a wedding, as a lot of pictures get taken. A small mirror will allow you to touch up your hair and makeup rather than fighting for the bathroom mirror.

2. Lipstick

Even if your makeup or hair start to slip, a lovely lipstick in the perfect, classic shade provides the perfect touch-up companion. It can work for your lips and your cheeks if you feel like you need an extra bit of colour.

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3. Tissues

You never know when that moment might strike. There’s often a lot of happy tears at a wedding and if it’s not you that needs a tissue, then offer one to someone who does. These are also super handy for any little spills or makeup mishaps. For more essentials, check out

4. Safety pin and plasters

We’ve all had the dreaded outfit malfunction when a safety pin would solve everything, so why not pop one in every bag you own? And when you’re all worn out with sore feet from all the dancing in your fancy new shoes, a plaster could be exactly what you need to relieve the pressure and give you some comfort.

5. The bag itself

Finding bags to match wedding guest dresses can be a challenge in itself. If you see that perfect bag for you, then grab it and find the dress later. If you’ve got the accessories and are looking for the latest wedding guest dresses visit My Kind of Dress.

6. Perfume sample

What a great opportunity to try a new fragrance or get a sample of your favourite scent to wear and take with you. It’s the perfect way to freshen up during the party and it will keep you smelling as fabulous as you look throughout the day and into the night.

Whatever you wear, enjoy every moment of the celebrations.


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