Hawaii style

Hawaii style is the trend of summer. Cheerful, colorful and original, it is perfect both in the city and on vacation … with a few simple rules!

Hawaii is an undisputed summer trend. But how do you wear it? And what is its symbolic head? From the must-have of the genre, or the Hawaii-style dress, to the Hawaiian-style outfits for a girl, here are the fashion tips to be fashionable and avoid … slips!

Cheerful, colorful, fun: the Hawaii style is perfect for the summer! With prints that reproduce the lush vegetation and birds with large beaks and fantastic plumage of the famous islands in the Pacific Ocean, it transforms every outfit into an irresistible exotic look.

Hawaii style

How to wear the Hawaii style

The Hawaii style is beautiful and very, very summery. But even if it is a real symbol of freedom and lightness, it has some (simple) rules that must be observed to wear it to the top and … avoid fashion disaster.

First of all, always remember that Hawaiian style is light and carefree and does not go very well with classic and (very) formal clothes and accessories. Instead, it is perfect paired with sporty, high tech and metropolitan-inspired pieces.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that its all over and multicolor prints are super glamorous and fun, but also challenging. Pay attention to the too much effect and prefer combinations with plain-colored garments and accessories.

Also be careful not to overdo the beach-style pieces. No problem (or almost) if you are on a beach holiday, but in town, raffia hats and beach slippers should be avoided. For the same reason, refrain from mixing the (too) vintage style with the Hawaii style.

The must have item? The Hawaii-style dress!

If for men, it is the shirt, for women the must-have item of the Hawaii style is the tropical patterned dress. In principle, you can wear it both in the city and on vacation. But pay attention to the models and combinations (as always).

For metropolitan outfits, prefer plain clothes¬†¬† and combine them with a few, targeted accessories. A blazer en pendant with the pattern of the dress, a pair of sneakers, a fanny pack or a backpack are perfect. While it is better to avoid bon ton jackets, ankle boots and very “serious” bags.

Among the Hawaii-style clothes, jumpsuits can also be considered. Original and unconventional, they represent the quintessential glamor and sporty chic of the genre and are perfect for day and evening.

Hawaiian girlish style? With denim!

The exotic prints of the Hawaiian style are, to say the least, perfect with denim and the combo is in all respects the cornerstone of the genre for the youngest.

A trendy look includes white t-shirts, denim shorts, sneakers, shoulder bag and Hawaiian style blazers. But even the outfit with denim jacket over a short dress with prints of flowers, fruit and / or exotic birds is unquestionably trendy.

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