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Health effects of wearing the wrong size bra

Many women are drawn to decorative bras with net, lace and underwiring, but it is important to know the health and side effects of wearing the wrong size bra.

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According to a study, 80 per cent of women wear incorrectly-sized bras.

Wearing the wrong size bra can cause problems to your health. Bras lose elasticity over washes and become less supportive, causing damage to the breast shape and size. Common health effects include:

Breast pain

Bras that are tight-fitting are uncomfortable and lead to pain in the breast. If your bra it too loose or becomes too tight, it is time to buy a new one, such as the Prima Donna Deauville White Bra from a stockist such as http://www.orchidlingerie.co.uk/white-prima-donna-deauville-full-cup-bra.

Back pain

Over time, wearing the incorrect bra size can lead to constant back pain, especially in women with a larger breast size. Wearing a bra that does not fit properly can cause you to stoop, as you are not correctly supported, and cause pain in the hips. If the bra is too small, it can apply pressure to the rib cage.

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Sagging breasts

Wearing a baggy bra can affect breast size and shape. Instead of lifting and keeping their shape, the bra makes them heavier, causing sagging.

Shoulder and neck pain

If the bar straps are too tight, this can apply too much pressure on your shoulders. The strain can travel to the neck and cause serious pain. Ensure you are properly fitted by a specialist to find your correct size.

Blocked lymph nodes

Lymphatic vessels can be easily compressed, as they are extremely thin and sensitive to minimal pressure. Chronic pressure on the breasts causes the lymph vessels and valves to close; to avoid this, make sure your bra is not too small.


Wearing the incorrect bra can affect your posture. The pain felt in the neck, back and shoulder makes you stoop and bend frequently, which will eventually damage your posture.

Skin abrasions

Especially when worn too tight, an incorrectly-sized bra can cause skin abrasions and blisters.

Breast cancer

In extreme cases, a bra that is fitted too tightly can restrict blood flow into the breast, which could cause breast cancer.

To avoid these side effects, ensure you are fitted correctly by a specialist.

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