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How to dress your children for a wedding

At weddings, in addition to the bride and groom, there are many more participants who must devote special care to their clothing. Children also have a leading role, whether they are wedding pagers or simply go as guests. But children, in constant movement, they are perceived at any time and therefore it is convenient that they comply with the protocol as far as possible. In this article, we will discuss how to dress your children for a wedding.

How to dress your children for a wedding

  1. Differentiate between pages and the rest of children
  2. Respect each child’s style and opinion
  3. Use the fabrics and colors of the wedding
  4. Find your comfort
  5. Respect the unit

How to dress your children- 1: Differentiate between pages and the rest of children

In the first step, it is important to differentiate the roles of the children, as the clothing changes considerably. Because the wedding pages, that is to say, the children who take the alliances to the couple, or who make some similar offering, are governed by some rules that are important to consider. These usually follow the guide that marks the couple and that is reflected in the style of the entire wedding. However, one of the mistakes that must be avoided is that the court of pages is satisfied by boyfriends and girlfriends in miniature. Do not disguise the children in a wedding, but adapt them to the style of the same without making them a caricature. Thus, they fit more formal styles and others more boho or hippies, but never an imitation of the couple.

In general terms, bridal courtship formed by children usually opt for smooth shades that combine happy colors with other more neutral, such as white or cream, all in natural fabrics. In particular, professionals advise voluminous skirts for small girls and a floral crown or ornament on the hair; for older ones, something simpler, such as a blouse and skirt set or low-cut dresses. The children, with shorts and painter-like blouse topped with Mao collar, as well as the sash to tie in front that could be avoided in more informal weddings. Yes, children can wear shorts to a wedding! For that they are children, with hardly any rules; but do not take an example of them because adults should not (it would be an offense against protocol, fashion, and law, practically).

As for the rest of the children invited, in reality, there are no such closed rules. It depends on their parents, as long as there is not an extremely strict protocol and it should not be out of whack in any case. And to avoid gambling, a pair of shorts and a white shirt are enough for children; for them, some striking color is always colorful and will bring them special joy.

However, some age ranges allow offering a series of ideas with which it is quite easy to guess. Between 18 months and five years, girls will be very happy with short, flowing dresses, rounded with a cape or wreath. They, simple and successful with shorts and a white shirt, or more daring with a Tyrolean suit, very fashionable and not too flashy.

Between five and 13 years old, the matter changes because the children’s tastes begin to mold themselves. Obviously, they will not accept any clothing, so it is no good that you consult them and that you adapt to their budding style. They will dazzle with linen materials, plumeti tulle or plumeti cambric and flight skirts. However, thanks to the licenses of those ages (closer to five years than the eight), you can opt for funny bow ties, ties, and shirts with prints or funny colors. As long as the label is not too strict, children can enjoy some freedom.

To dress babies, it is best to opt for simplicity, but leave a wink of formality. To do this, puppets of different colors, with or without prints, froglets and some ornament in the hair. Although there are mothers who put bow ties, ties, suspenders, shirts, and pants to their little ones, and can be successful at the same time fun. Differentiate between pages and the rest of children

How to dress your children- 2: Respect each child’s style and opinion

It is true that the protocol must be fulfilled whenever possible, but within the fashion of children at weddings, the rules lose strength and expand a larger field of action. After all, the children of the house are open to greater play, improvisation, and permissiveness thanks to their age. They still have centuries to worry about these things. But do not forget to dress them well.

In addition, each child has a style (or their parents, which at very early ages comes to be the same) and it would be strange to leave it, even for a day. But this does not mean going to the appointment too serious or too informal but adapt that personal style to an event of these characteristics. Just as adults opt for jackets of different fabrics, flashy shirts or bow ties when they want to break with the protocol, a child can do exactly the same, but with many more licenses. Being a child in these acts is much more relaxed and, at times, it is luck.

On the other hand, it is convenient to remember that children are not adults and that it is not necessary to dress them in costumes or dresses that annul their childish essence. Why there are parents who decide to end their innocence in the dress so soon? And within this category of children, it is also important to differentiate their age. A child of two years is not the same as one of eight or another that brushes adolescence (or that is placed in it). Can you imagine dressing a 12-year-old girl as one of six? Neither is it good to neglect their image and simply put on an outfit that fulfills the function. They should also feel handsome, just like adults, and for that, they deserve a perfect look. And here also enters the opinion of the child, because they should be comfortable with the image they project and, taking into account that at this time they begin to develop their self-esteem, try to make the little one feel good, incredible, a small movie star. They also want to show off.Respect each child's style and opinion

How to dress your children- 3: Use the fabrics and colors of the wedding

The wedding itself can serve as a guide to all the guests to prepare your looks. For this, it is also important to take into account the characteristics of it, that is, whether it is day or night, the venue, the atmosphere, the style.

If it’s about beach weddings, hippie or country style, they will take the most languid fabrics in whites, cream. And children are perfect to imitate these trends of colors and fabrics. In more formal weddings, the little ones can also go for a label with classic garments and sober tones.

It is important to follow this little guide even if it is improvised later, especially if the children are part of the wedding procession and try not to be out of tune.Use the fabrics and colors of the wedding

How to dress your children- 4: Find your comfort

Despite trying to introduce children in the nuptial environment, act as pages or as mere guests, these are children, with all that implies. Therefore, it is convenient to leave selfishness aside and opt for suitable clothing for them. Adults are able to sacrifice their body temperature or their pain in order to look special, but children are still not at that point, at least not very sharply. In fact, perhaps few people notice their clothes. Thus, the most important thing is to achieve a balance between formality and comfort and, above all, to allow them to be free now that they are small.

This is important for comfort during the ceremony, in which they will not want to feel very overwhelmed. But especially afterward, because children move, run, play and are subject to their charming and tireless impulsiveness. In these circumstances, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and not deprive the little ones of their naughty nature. A wedding is not as fun for them as it is for you, so it would be negative to deprive them of any fun opportunities. For this purpose, vaporous, languid and loose fabrics that can withstand sudden movements and “risky” activities.

Another option is to dress them in a more formal and uncomfortable way during the ceremony, when their participation takes place, and then, just like the bride and groom, put on more comfortable clothes. Within the formality of the event (banned the tracksuits), this second set would allow greater freedom of movement and the suit or dress would not be in danger in case of excessive play.Find your comfort

How to dress your children- 5: Respect the unit

Children who are part of the wedding procession must comply with a series of rules that, in the case of the youngest, include more licenses than in the adult setting. These usually follow a similar dress in order to maintain uniformity when the parade is made to the place where the ceremony is performed. It also matters for details like the photo shoot.

However, the set can be made up of different models, as long as they have similarities in terms of style, colors, fabrics and the tone of the wedding. Keeping all that in mind, each family can improvise and prepare their child as they see fit.Respect the unit

We hope you will like this article; how to dress your children for a wedding. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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