How to wear the scarf

A luxury and timeless accessory with a thousand-year history. Today it returns to be the protagonist of fashion trends. But how to wear it? Here are some style ideas!

From a simple handkerchief for practical use to an eclectic and iconic fashion accessory. The foulard is defined by most as a “silk square”. On it are depicted flowers, fruit, baroque and geometric motifs and even stylized figures, able to tell a story as if it were an art painting.

In fact, the scarf has proven to have a double soul. On the one hand it is an elegant daily garment, on the other it has been the subject of attention of many artists such as Henri Matisse, Salvador Dalì and Bernard Buffet .

The latter decided to make a simple silk square into a work of art on which to create real paintings that can still be admired in the collections of important museums around the world. The term “foulard” derives from the French “foulat”, which means, “fulling”, referring to a technical term used to indicate a particular manufacturing process thanks to which the fabric is more compact and resistant.

How to wear the scarf

A millennia-long history

The history of the scarf has spanned several millennia. The first findings date back to 1000 BC, an era in which the scarf is represented in various sculptures of Eastern civilizations. In the West, however, it appeared only in the second century AD. In particular, it was used by soldiers to protect their throat during the war conflicts or to signal the rank and belonging to a group. Subsequently the scarf was transformed into a “country handkerchief”. In fact, the peasants to shelter from the sun used it in the hottest hours of the day spent in the fields.

Over time, the famous silk square became a symbol capable of defining the social status of those who wore it; up to the nineteenth century when it became a neckerchief. After a period of crisis in which it fell into disuse, the scarf returned to ride the high fashion scenes in the thirties of the twentieth century. Years in which the French Emile Maurice Hermès and son-in-law Robert Dumas decided to bring it back into vogue, later on, in fact, they gave birth to the most famous Hermès 90 × 90 cm yoke, which soon became a luxury accessory of the female wardrobe.

Between 1950 and 1960, the foulard had its greatest success thanks to the divas of the past such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Sofia Loren. The stars of the past loved to wear it as a headdress or as an ornament on the neck, on any occasion.

Despite being present in the fashion world for many centuries, the scarf does not lose its allure of an iconic and timeless garment, still establishing itself today as a trendy accessory for the 2020 summer season. Its peculiarity is that of being versatile, adapting to any type of outfits to which it is able to give a sophisticated and charm- rich style. In addition, it is the perfect accessory to complete any look thanks to its bright colors able to reinvigorate even the darkest combinations. The geometries and patterns that characterize it will conquer you by launching the challenge of playing with an infinite number of combinations and everyday uses, often even unthinkable.

The ankle and wrist scarf

On the catwalks of fashion and in the street style, the scarf is worn on the wrist as if it were a bracelet or tied to the ankle, playing the role of a real silk jewel. If you decide to wear the scarf as an ankle, opt for midi skirts and cropped trousers or jeans combined with a strictly flat shoe. Completely abolishing the heels in order to emphasize the bright colors of this precious silk square.

On the handle of the bag

Our grandmothers used to tie the scarf to the handle of the bag, so as to keep it ready for use on the hair or neck. In 2020, this use becomes a super famous trend to the point of pushing many fashion brands to make bags whose handle is already equipped with the yoke, becoming an accessory of the bag itself. In this way, your outfit will take on a clearly bon ton style!

The scarf as a top

If in your wardrobe you have found a scarf of at least 120 × 120 cm, the suggestion is to overlap it to create a sort of triangle. The next step is to make a knot in the neck and one in the back, leaving the tip-shaped part that slides on the front towards the bust. In this way, you will have obtained a colorful, light and summery silk top to be combined with skirts and trousers.

As a hair accessory

The scarf is also an excellent ally for hairstyles. In fact, it can be tied to stop a ponytail or a bun. If necessary, it can be transformed into a hair band if tucked into a braid, in pure Frida Khalo style, or rolled up like a bandana and tied around the head. For the more skilled it is possible to transform it into a turban, creating a hippie style!

The scarf as a belt

Bring a cart that measures at least 120 × 120 cm. Just fold your scarf diagonally on itself to transform it into a comfortable colored belt to be inserted into the loops of a jeans or to be tied at the waist to mark the figure on a solid color dress. In this case, you can also create a beautiful bow on the belt, making you feel very vintage style!

The scarf as a shawl

If the scarf is large, it can also be worn as a shawl. Just place it on your shoulders and tie it in front of your chest. This will protect you if there should ever be a sudden drop in temperatures on one of those early summer evenings, when the sea frost will make you feel that light coolness on your skin.

Foulard on the head and neck

One of the classic ways to wear a scarf is on the head, in order to complete a look sophisticated and self-confidence. One of the godmothers of the bon ton style and full of elegance is surely Audrey Hepburn, who used to wear the scarf tied under the chin or behind the neck, combined with maxi sunglasses. This way you can keep your hair tidy and prevent it from messing up in the wind and also allows you to highlight your face.

Another equally classic way to wear the silk yoke is to tie it around the neck. It doesn’t matter if it will be combined with a white shirt, a t-shirt or a low-cut dress, the result will always be to create a cool and chic effect.

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