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In the world of fashion, there are so many leeches as count

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years within the world of fashion it is to not trust or my own shadow. You never know where you are going to stick the dagger and you realize that people may seem friendly, but never be true friends … OK, that’s not true (take it back!). But you should not trust everyone and wait for anything from anyone. Even the cruelest wolf could dress with fur gentle lamb. Looks over his shoulder, others that could spare your life if they wanted, reasoner, and falsehoods … There are many ways that often have these kinds of people, but the most of them follow the same pattern.

World of Fashion

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Different classes

  • You do not know disguise: Some people are not born with the gift of dissimulation and behold the advantage of this person: he will do so evidence can flee to the speed of light it.
  • Which all seems right: They exist and are around you. Those with a built – in face that whatever you say will always be well smile. But that you neglect … wham! You have nailed 25 daggers in the back like a carnival knife thrower is involved.
  • The ornery: It is clear that there is nothing good in it: it is always bad and whatever you say will jump to go against you.
  • Which you earn your trust to bring it against you: Behold the worst and most deadly snakes that we find in the face of the earth. This kind of girl quietly accompanies you in working hours, he smiles whenever he has the opportunity and makes you go from your side. Once he gains your confidence and start to examine your weaknesses and your fears. All this information will serve to gouge a hatchet while you sleep…

The least powerful … the worst

Thus, the less power they have in the end are the most dangerous. The reason? They want to reach as high as possible and do not care how many bodies such tread to achieve its objectives and so savor the sweetness of success. It’s an instinct that takes in and with which one cannot fight. Each person is different and there are all sorts of human beings, is why cannot -never of James- understand what happens in the head to make depending on what actions.

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Who knows what he has done to achieve…

How many times have we heard this phrase cursed out of the mouth of another woman? Envy is something obvious, not only in the world of fashion, but in him it is higher. Being photographed, become part of the fashion system or designers put you in front row is something that raises asperities that have a lifetime trying and do not get even half and to a woman blinded by jealousy … Huey. Best to deal with this kind of people is having confidence in oneself and not being stepping on anyone. At the end if someone wants to destroy you is who sees you as his rival, and that the end of the day is a compliment.

The fashion world is not as cool as it sounds, there are many who try to hide dirt with a good outfit full of style.

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