Jewelry shopping often entails a search for just the right piece for you, a family member, business associate, graduate, a friend or others that comes to mind when a more personal gift is needed. Anyone would be confused with the innumerable jewelry selections available today and finding that one perfect item can be difficult.

Good advice through a reputable jeweler is the key, especially when you have to consider style, personal taste and a budget. Choices can usually be made easier through an expert jeweler, but a shopping guide, which gives you an idea what to look for and expect in fine jewelry is another helpful resource. Most guides provide the necessary details that enable you to make an informed decision on a jewelry selection. A shopping guide will provide particulars concerning:

Different Jewelry Details

Guides emphasize the features and characteristics of particular pieces. A thorough rundown is provided for individual items and usually includes explanations for the following:

Diamonds –

-4 Cs, (cut, carat, color, clarity)

Pearls –
-Organic (natural) gems

Gemstones –
-Numerous colors
-Stone treatment
-Style combinations

Birthstones –
-Birthstone charts for identification
-Historical and medicinal significance
-Personal association
-Favorite pieces (rings, necklaces, bracelets)

Watches –
-Jewelry favorite
-Watch movement
-Analog and digital
-Watch displays
-Watch band materials
-Added features

Gift Giving

Jewelry gift giving guides offer jewelry pieces in catalogs or illustrated brochures for various occasions and are usually included with most jewelry store guides.

• New babies
• Engagements/weddings
• Anniversaries
• Graduations
• Religious ceremonies
• Job promotions
• Special events

Different Metals and Materials

The different metals used in jewelry making are distinguished by their color, appearance, durability, value/cost and comfort as well as available choices in gold, silver/sterling silver and platinum along with stainless steel, titanium, copper and other less common metals.

Jewelry Care

Care of fine jewelry is often neglected, even after a major purchase, yet it is a basic part of preserving delicate pieces for a lifetime of wear. In store cleaning assures jewelry preservation, and there are different specifics for cleaning and sources that give detailed explanations on how to keep jewelry clean. You want those one-of-a-kind pieces to remain pristine for years to come.

In-Store Services

Many jewelry stores now provide direct services on their premises. A full service jeweler such as Mitchum Jewelers does just that by providing for:

• Watch repair
• Jewelry repair
• Jewelry cleaning
• Jewelry appraisals
• Custom engravings
• Custom designs

Inclusive jewelry shopping guides provide potential buyers with an overall look at jewelry selections available as well as basic background information and resources that help buyers make decisions with fine jewelry selections. Whether a buyer is looking for the perfect bridal set, a classic pearl necklace or a sportsman’s watch, a jewelry shopping guide will give you the information you need.

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