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Leggings, the garment par excellence of this fall

Comfortable and versatile, the leggings become an imperative to include in our new autumn wardrobe each garment. We reveal some salient trends this must have ahead of next season, you join us?

A sweater, a skirt, a dress, a tunic, a shirt or a sweatshirt, the leggings can be combined perfectly, highlighting and stylizing your figure.


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Indeed, the versatility of these garments to which we referred in previous lines, it is the will of our leggings one of the wildcards ideal for use in many different kinds of occasions. Whether for day or night, these pants push up can help make curves or hide, for example, wider hips.

In the market we can find a wide variety of leggings. In this way, we can choose those that stretch halfway down the calf to the ankle or knee. The latter are more appropriate for sport in your everyday life or to fit more peachy looks, being a perfect combination with tops and short shirts and suspenders.

Meanwhile, those who reach the mid calf are more suitable for lower height women, while if you prefer to stylize your figure, the ideal is to opt for leggings push up reaching the ankle.


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As regards the color shades can find those pastel colors for a chic and romantic look or even black in tissues with a brilliant touch as Lycra, ideal for your evening out. The trendsetters this season are incorporating those animal print patterns snakeskin or leopard, designed for the most daring.

In the autumn dominated by darker or contrasting in certain strategic areas and part of the sides to give the appearance of longer legs tones.

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The leggings skin has become a staple for fall and can use them without showing through to a t-shirt fear.

The leggings in its classic versions will remain one of the strong points of the season, but also find them dominated by the most original prints. The sport trend has been very strong throughout this year and will remain for the next season, for that very reason, leggings will become a must for your closet.


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Similarly, leggings opaque and heavy fabrics remain the most demanded, among other things by the fact that those made from very fine fabrics and dangerously metalized finish highlighting all the imperfections.

The white is one of the highlights of the season, and other high mark as the marshal. However, we recommend flee a hue as white to buy leggings and pants push up, as they are not flattering for which we have some extra kilos, given that greatly highlight our curves. It is always best in these cases opt for dark tones, which will also be featured in the fall.



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